WUDC: Team Cap Extension! Further 40 teams will be accepted!

Datum: 19. August 2009
Kategorie: Turniere

Good news from Istanbul!

Fatih Mehmet Inal from Koç University, Co-Convenor of WUDC 2010 informes us that the WUDC team cap will be extended. He announces that their will be 40 more teams accepted! Fatih writes:

„We have extended our team cap to 400 teams, which means we can accept a further 40 teams to debate at this year’s tournament. Given the financial realities explained above, we will need to increase the registration fee to 490 EUR per person for each institution we invite. We will initially only accept one team per institution still on the waiting list and if you want to send a judge, you will need to contact the registration team, who will pass that information onto the relevant DCA – all adjudication spots at this stage will need to go through the adjudication team to ensure that the pool remains as strong as possible.“

You may find the convenors‘ announcement at length here.

Die VDCH-Clubs, die zu den Worlds fahren wollen, müssten jetzt allesamt noch Startplätze bekommen!!!

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