HDDc wins Ljutomer Worlds Schools tournament

Datum: 13. März 2017
Kategorie: International, Neues aus den Clubs, Turniere

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch verfügbar.

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4 Kommentare zu “HDDc wins Ljutomer Worlds Schools tournament”

  1. Konrad Gütschow sagt:

    Final and Round 6 are the same motion.

    1. Helena Hecke sagt:

      Round 1 and the Semi-Final as well.
      That’s done at many world schools tournaments.

  2. Konrad Gütschow sagt:

    Interesting. Is this done, so the (public?) final will be of a higher quality than the impro debates?

    1. Helena Hecke sagt:

      I’ve asked someone who has CAed and organized WS tournaments for many years and the reason for having the same motion in the outrounds has several reasons.
      1. Time: WS format has 1 hour of prep time. So you can basically do two prepared debates in the time it would take you to have one impromptu debate. This is especially due to the fact, that organizers try to get as many rounds as possible in a very limited time, because tournaments should not be too long (which would get exhausting, as well as expensive)
      2. Prepared motions only given to out outrounds will normally not get prepared enough which will lead to worse debates and the students don’t think enough about their argumentation.
      3. It gives the speakers the chance to debate all sides of the motion (if possible) and therefor the preparation will be far more comprehensive

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