Der deutschsprachige Raum bei der European University Debating Championship 2017

Datum: 24. August 2017
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Die European University Debating Championship 2017 in Tallinn ist beendet. Wir werfen einen Blick darauf, wie es den deutschsprachigen Teams dort erging.

Die Delegation auf einem Bild - © Manuel Adams

Die Delegation auf einem Bild – © Robert James

Fand nach der diesjährigen World University Debating Championship (WUDC) in Den Haag noch eine Diskussion über die Konkurrenzfähigkeit des deutschsprachigen Circuits im internationalen Wettbewerb auf der Achten Minute statt, so dürfte diese nach Tallinn ausbleiben: Mit drei Teams im ESL-Break (English as a Second Language), einem Team im Open Break sowie zwei Jurorenbreaks wurde eines der besten Ergebnisse aller Zeiten erzielt. Großen Anteil daran hatte insbesondere die Berlin Debating Union (BDU), die mit Berlin A (Stefan Torges, Julian Stastny) und Berlin C (Christina Dexel, Christof Kebschull) nicht nur zwei der drei breakenden ESL-Teams stellte, sondern mit Berlin C auch für den ersten Open Break eines deutschen Teams überhaupt sorgte. Zudem erreichte Berlin C in der ESL-Kategorie das Halbfinale. Das dritte breakende ESL-Team stellte – wie in den vergangenen Jahren – der Debattierclub München mit Munich A (Melda Eren, Wladislaw Jachtchenko).

Berlin C im ESL-Halbfinale - © Manuel J. Adams

Berlin C im ESL-Halbfinale – © Manuel J. Adams

Als Juroren breakten aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum Miriana Muntean (DK Wien) und Marc-André Schulz (anwesend für die BDU) neben der Deputy Chefjurorin Rebecca Irvine (BDU).

Insgesamt waren aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum 21 Teams vor Ort und damit neun Teams weniger als im vergangenen Jahr in Warschau. Mit der BDU, dem Debattierklub Wien und dem Debattierclub München stellten gleich drei Clubs vier Teams.

Wie im vergangenen Jahr haben wir auch dieses Jahr eine Rangliste der Teams und besten Redner erstellt.

Die Top10 RederInnen:

  1. Melda Eren| 714 Rednerpunkte | 79,3 im Durchschnitt
  2. Christof Kebschull| 712 | 79,1
  3. Christina Dexel| 711 | 79,0
  4. Stefan Torges| 708 | 78,7
  5. Wladislaw Jatchenko| 702 | 78,0
  6. Julian Stastny| 697 | 77,4
  7. Benedikt Rennekamp| 693 | 77,0
  8. Pascal Beleiu | 691 | 76,8
  9. Frederike Holewik | 687 | 76,3
  10. Melanie Sindelar | 686 | 76,2

Die Teams:
1. Berlin C (Christina Dexel, Christof Kebschull) – 18 P. (Open: Partielles Doppelviertelfinale ; ESL: Halbfinale)
2. Berlin A (Stefan Torges, Julian Stastny) – 18 P. (ESL: Viertelfinale)
3. Munich A (Melda Eren, Wladislaw Jachtchenko) – 17 P. (ESL: Viertelfinale)
4. Munich VY (Valerie Lim, Yimin Ge) – 16 P.
5. Heidelberg B (Benedikt Rennekamp, Pascal Beleiu) – 15 P.
6. Berlin D (Kathrin Niederschuh, Frederike Holewik) – 15 P.
7. Jena (Anonym, Anonym) – 14 P.
8. Vienna B (Ingo Bandhauer, Katja Schager) – 13 P.
9. Munich CA (Andreas Pritchard, Christian Rausch) – 13 P.
10. Vienna A (Dariusch Klett, Melanie Sindelar) – 12 P.
11. Vienna D (Marvin Grünthal, Kata Sebök) – 12 P.
12. Vienna C (Joy Edobor, Vinicius Bremer) – 12 P.
13. Streitkultur A (Sabine Wilke, Maria Heitmeier) – 12 P.
14. Streitkultur B (Lukas Grundsfeld, Justus Raimann) – 12 P.
15. Berlin B (Jonas Huggins, Frederik Aly) – 12 P.
16. DK Bayreuth A (Michael Gisbrecht, Tim T.) – 11 P.
17. Munich B (Jannis Hussain, Florens Rilling) – 10 P.
18. Kiel A (Anonym, Anonym) – 9 P.
19. Wuppertal A (Simon Villa Ramirez, Anne Gasper) – 9 P.
20. Saarvoir Vivre A (Anonym, Anonym) – 7 P.
21. Heidelberg A (Christina Pollkläsener, Tobias Tigges) – 6 P.

Die kompletten Ergebnisse des Turniers sind in unserem englischsprachigen Finalbericht zu finden.

Die Themen:


R1: This house believes that the US should ban extremist groups (e.g. the KKK and neo-nazi groups).

R2: This house believes that the WTO should allow developing countries to impose policies aimes at protecting domestic industries, even at the expense of harming international trade.

R3: This house regrets the rise of the ‚Sharing Culture’ (a culture which encourages the frequent posting of both mundane and intimate details of one’s life on social media platforms, and the commenting on and reacting to others posts of this nature).

R4: This house believes that states should significantly fund female-only tech companies.

R5:Info text: The Jewish People’s Intelligence Service Doctrin is a proposal which states that the Israeli Intelligence service should have a significant responsibility not only to Israeli’s citizens’ security, but also to the security to the Jewish communities abroad. If this doctrin were adopted, Israel would use significant resources and launch potentially violent operations in order to keep Jewish people safe internationally.

This house, as Israel, supports the Jewish People’s Intelligence Service Doctrin.

R6: This house supports universities treating students like customers (e.g. by allocating significant ressources to improving students’ lifestyles, and granting students influence over university decisions and the content and delivery of the course curricula).

R7:Info text: Non-Western medical institutions are becoming increasingly competitive within the field of human clinical trials and now constitute a major share of the world’s scientific output. These trials operate under local medical standards that are less stringent than Western ones.

This house believes that Western medical institutions should neither cooperate with, nor use the data produced by, non-Western medical institutions that do not meet Western standards on human clinical trials.

R8:Info text: Side B christians are christians who identify as experiencing same sex attraction but nevertheless believe that homosexual sex is sinful, and therefor attempt to remain celibate.

This house believes that LGBT groups should actively seek to include Side B christians.

R9:Info text: Lethal Autonomous Robots are fully autonomous military weapons that can select and engage targets without human intervention.

This house supports the creation and use of Lethal Autonomous Robots.



VF: This house believes that having children is immoral.

HF:Info text: Defined Permit Services include access to the purchasing or renting of property, employment, and government services such as education, healthcare and welfare.

This house would allow local governments to issue immigration permits that grant access to Defined Permit Services in the local area only.

F:Info text: ‘State of emergency’ laws temporarily grant more powers to the executive and law enforcement agencies. Examples include warrant-less property searches and house arrests, and using electronic tagging for the purposes of surveillance.

This house believes that Western European states at high risk for terror attacks should implement ‘state of emergency’ laws.



PDVF: This house believes that the US should reverse the ‘Pivot to Asia’ strategy.

VF:Info text: In Hinduism, there exist prominent goddesses that represent liberation through force, violence, aggression and power. An example is Kali, who is often portrayed wearing a garland of skulls of the men she has killed around her neck and standing on her lover, the Hindu God Shiva, who lies calm and submissive beneath her.

This house, as women’s rights groups in India, would adopt violent female goddesses as prominent symbols.

HF:Info text: Since the 1980s, the financial sector has grown rapidly in many developed economies, with mass deregulation serving as a major driver. As the sector has grown, the number of people employed in the industry, and the variety and complexity of financial products have increased.

This house regrets the mass deregulation of the financial sector.

F:Info text: The 1917 Revolutions overthrew the Tsarist regime and were a precursor to the creation of the Soviet Union. In Russia, perception of the revolutions varies and the Kremlin does not have an official position.

This house as the Kremlin would commemorate the 1917 Russian Revolution as a tradegy rather than a triumph for the nation.


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