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“It’s actually a cool story” – An interview with the México WUDC 2018 convenors

"It’s actually a cool story" - An interview with the México WUDC 2018 convenorsSome weeks ago, we interviewed David Alatorre and Montserrat Legorreta, convenors of México WUDC 2018. This week, we can finally present you the results with tons of information - whether it's about the Masters' Competition, the Socials, Livestreams, México Open, Triple breaks, Wi-Fi or the IA allocation system. Enjoy! ...
Oct 11th, 2017 | By | Category: [:de]International[:en]international[:], Das Thema, Menschen, Mittwochs-Feature, Turniere |

UCD Law HF wins UCD Law Soc and L&H Novice IV

UCD Law HF wins UCD Law Soc and L&H Novice IV[caption id="attachment_32765" align="alignright" width="300"] The winners: Cian Higgins (left) and Paddy Flynn (right) - © Helena Hecke[/caption] The Novice IV of UCD Law Soc and L&H was won by UCD Law HF (Cian Higgins and Paddy Flynn) from Closing Government. They debated on the motion THB the US media should restrict coverage of mass shooting in the US against UCD Law/ Hist LA (Samuel Ajentunmobi and Jack Lowe) in Opening Government, Edinburgh I am Sasha Fierce (Lukas Augustin Reynoso and Nathanial Cliftion) in Opening Opposition and Bialystok A (Przimyslaw Stolarski and Alicja Owdiez) in Closing Opposition. The debate was chaired by Beth Mallen together with Cian Luddy, Eoin O'Sullivan, Milla Huuskonen and Mark Wilson. The best speaker of the tournament was ...
Oct 7th, 2017 | By | Category: [:de]International[:en]international[:], News of debating clubs, Turniere |

History debates in a nutshell

History debates in a nutshellApart from regular tournaments with debates around topics that generally move - or should move - society, there are some examples were debaters just combine some of their various interests. This led German debaters to establish their very own ruleset for what they call "history debates", ultimately resulting in history tournaments. Additionally, a history debate sometimes even gets set for one round of a regular tournament. In this article, we will introduce you to this feature - maybe you even want to do your own history debate? ...
Oct 4th, 2017 | By | Category: Mittwochs-Feature, Themen |

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