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Team ‘Michael and Desmond’ wins Paris Open 2018

Paris Open 2018On May 11th and 12th, the annual Paris Open, featuring its traditional wine tasting during rounds, took place. Chief-adjudicated by Yair Har-Oz, Shrishty Krishnamoorthy and Harish Natarajan, the tournament was won by the team Michael and Desmond (Michael Dunn-Goekjan and Desmond Fairall, OO) against If you can't beat them, join them (Floris Holstege and Tom Manor, OG), Break ou Grève (Martin Devenney and Nissrine Majdi, CG), and Wild Chicken University Z (Jacob Lan and Joseph Xiao Liang, CO on the motion ‘This House believes that Wakanda should transition into a democracy.’ (with infoslide). The panel judging this final consisted of ...
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Tel Aviv wins the Athens Open 2018

Tel Aviv wins the Athens Open 2018[caption id="attachment_33925" align="alignright" width="400"] Left to right: Dan Lahav (CA), Idan Bressler (Winner), Amichay Even Chen (Winner), Ido Kotler (Best Speaker), Duncan Crowe (CA) - © Annie Schwartz[/caption] After a weekend in Greece the Athens Open 2018 got won by ‘Tel Aviv A’ (Amichay Even Chen and Idan Bressler). They spoke in the final from Opening Government defeating ‘Novi Sad kenobi’ (Jovan Petronijević and Milos Marjanovic) in Opening Opposition, ‘Tel Aviv - You’ve been struck by a smooth POI’ (Annie Schwartz and Gil Peled) in Closing Government, and ‘Random nomen graecum’ (Roy Schulman and Elaye Karstadt) in Closing Opposition on the motion ‘This house believes that the general approach of states ...
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Nottingham win Nottingham Trent Open

Nottingham win Nottingham Trent Open[caption id="attachment_33868" align="alignleft" width="400"] Winners of the Nottingham Trent Open (Alex Yeadon, left, Ciara Berry, right) - © Ciara Berry[/caption] Congratulations to the winners of the Nottingham Trent Open, ‘Nottingham A’ (Ciara Berry and Alex Yeadon). They won the final from Opening Government defeating ‘Iron-Men Unite!’ (Craig McDonald, formerly Cardiff, and Dan Wood, Birmingham) in Opening Opposition, ‘Nottingham B’ (Emily Dormer and Dimosthenis Kaldis) in Closing Government, and ‘NTU Nice For What?’ (Neal Tank and David Farmer) in Closing Opposition on the motion ‘Supposing feasibility, This House supports the establishment of a Queer Republic.’ The final was judged by Elliot Porter in ...
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