Cardiff wins Swansea Open

Datum: Feb 9th, 2018
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The team ‘Made in the Diff’ (Becky Wesson and Emma Meadows, Cardiff) won the Swansea Open.  They managed to win the final from Opening Opposition defeating ‘Swing B’ (Ieuan Skinner and Angus Rome, Swansea) in Opening Government, ‘Nid yw’n wir ein henw tîm’ (Catrin Richards, formerly Liverpool, and Craig McDonald, formerly Cardiff) in Closing Government and ‘First Opp Café’ (Aristed Kore, formerly Durham – due to illness, John Lewis was not able to take part in the final) in Closing Opposition on the motion ‘Assuming this Technology exists, This House would ban memory erasure technology’.

The winners and their prizes - Emma Meadows (left) and Becky Wesson (right) - © Becky Wesson

The winners and their prizes – Emma Meadows (left) and Becky Wesson (right) – © Becky Wesson

The final was judged by Ryan F. in the Chair, and Matthew Tuck, Nisha Telesford, Megan Thomas, and Katherine Gibaut on the panel.

The top speaker of the tournament was Aristed Kore with an average of 80 speaker points.

The Chief Adjudicators of the tournament were Ryan F. and Luke Kosky. The Swansea Open took place on February 3rd 2018.

The Break:

  1. First Opp Café (Aristed Kore, John Lewis, formerly Durham) – 9 Points
  2. Made in the Diff (Becky Wesson, Emma Meadows, Cardiff) – 9 Points
  3. Swing B (Ieuan Skinner, Angus Rome, Swansea) – 8 Points
  4. Nid yw’n wir ein henw tîm (Catrin Richards, formerly Liverpool, Craig McDonald, formerly Cardiff) – 8 Points


R1: This House supports the ‘Not Proven’ verdict.

Info text: In the English legal system, if there is not enough evidence to find a defendant guilty beyond reasonable doubt then they are automatically acquitted as “Not Guilty”. This is not true in every legal system.

A “Not proven” verdict is an acquittal used when there is not enough evidence to convict but the judge or jury is not sufficiently convinced of the accused persons’ innocence to bring a “Not guilty” verdict.

R2: This House regrets the EUs 2004 expansion and any subsequent expansion.

Info text: The countries listed below are the countries highlighted in the two maps:

Poland, Malta, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia

R2: This House regrets the EUs 2004 expansion and any subsequent expansion.

R3: This House would predominantly fund domestic NGOs in developing countries as opposed to western NGOs in developing countries.

R4: This House would grant total self-governance to indigenous communities e.g. the Inuit in Alaska, Sami in Sweden.

Final: Assuming this Technology exists, THW ban memory erasure technology.

Info text: Technology exists which can delete memories and cover the gaps caused with no recollection of the memory or procedure.


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