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Datum: May 1st, 2018
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Winners of the Nottingham Trent Open (Alex Yeadon, left, Ciara Berry, right) - © Ciara Berry

Winners of the Nottingham Trent Open (Alex Yeadon, left, Ciara Berry, right) – © Ciara Berry

Congratulations to the winners of the Nottingham Trent Open, ‘Nottingham A’ (Ciara Berry and Alex Yeadon). They won the final from Opening Government defeating ‘Iron-Men Unite!’ (Craig McDonald, formerly Cardiff, and Dan Wood, Birmingham) in Opening Opposition, ‘Nottingham B’ (Emily Dormer and Dimosthenis Kaldis) in Closing Government, and ‘NTU Nice For What?’ (Neal Tank and David Farmer) in Closing Opposition on the motion ‘Supposing feasibility, This House supports the establishment of a Queer Republic.’

The final was judged by Elliot Porter in the Chair, and Anita Carroll, Fergus Haswell, and Teona Banu on the panel.

The Top Speaker of the tournament was Craig McDonald with an average of 78.

Nottingham Trent Top Speaker Image

Top Speaker Celebrations! (Craig McDonald) – © Craig McDonald

The tournament took place over April 28th and the Chief Adjudicators were George Goddard, Elliot Porter, and Anita Carroll.

The Break:

  1. Iron-Men Unite! (Craig McDonald, formerly Cardiff, Dan Wood, Birmingham): 10 Points
  2. Nottingham A (Ciara Berry, Alex Yeadon): 8 Points
  3. Nottingham B (Emily Dormer, Dimosthenis Kaldis): 8 Points
  4. NTU Nice For What? (Neal Tank, David Farmer): 7 Points


R1: This House would take the Blue Pill (to forget).

Infoslide: You live in present day UK. You are a well off individual with a job and disposable income. One day, you are informed that the world you think that you live in is a lie, an elaborate computer simulation and that you have never experienced the real world. You are not informed what the real world looks like. You are given the following choice:

R2: This House believes that the rise in illegal downloading and streaming services has been beneficial to the world of music.

R3: This House believes that the Poor of the Developed World are entitled to vote for policies which protect their own economic interests at the expense of those of the Global Poor.

Infoslide: The World has grown richer- the pie has gotten bigger. The Global Poor have seen their share of the pie grow, and the better off among the global poor you are, the more your share has grown The Global Elite (the top ±1%) have seen their share of the pie grow to a similar degree, meaning most of the wealth has gone to them. The Poor of the Developed World have seen their share of the pie grow very little, or shrink. This is includes much of black America, poor white Britain, deindustrialised Europe.

R4: This House would make having a women‘s football team a requirement for playing in the English premier league (EPL).

Infoslide: There exist a number of requirements to play football in the top tiers of British football (English Premier league, EPL, and English Championship). These include, but are not limited to: A minimum stadium size, a lack of terraces (safe standing), a maximum financial debt etc. Of the current teams in the EPL, Burnley, Swansea, Bournemouth and Manchester United do not have a women’s football team.

F: Supposing feasibility, This House supports the establishment of a Queer Republic.


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