Athens Open

Athens Open 2018 (c) Athens EUDC 2019

Date: 27. Apr 18 - 29. Apr 18

Place: Κολλέγιο Αθηνών Στεφάνου Δέλτα 15, Ψυχικό, Athens

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Host: Athens EUDC 2019
Contact: athensopen2018 [at] gmail [dot] com

Format: British Parliamentary Style (BPS)
Rounds: Five rounds, breaking to Quarters
Team cap: 80 teams (with the possibility of extending to 100)
Chief adjudicators: Sharmila Parmanand, Harish Natarajan, Duncan Crowe, Dan Lahav
Adjudicator rule:
Special features: Rounds start on Friday afternoon, and Finals end on Sunday by lunchtime.

Reg fee: 80 EUR per person, covering 2 nights hotel accommodation, all meals, and transport in Athens
Accomodation: 2 nights hotel accommodation

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