Baillie Gifford Oxford Women’s Open

Baillie Gifford Oxford Women's Open

Date: 28. Apr 17 - 29. Apr 17

Place: Oxford Union, Oxford

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Host: Oxford Union
Conveners: Amrita Khandpur, Rosa Thomas
Contact: womens [dot] oxford [at] gmail [dot] com

Format: British Parliamentary Style (BPS)
Rounds: 5 Rounds, Semi-Finals, Final
Team cap: tba.
Chief adjudicators: Sophie Large, Lisa Schallenberg, Etsuko Lim
Adjudicator rule: n-1
Special features: Both Speakers (teams of 2) and judges should individually identify wholly or partially as women

Reg fee: tba.
Accomodation: tba.
Registration: Registration opens March 10th

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