Cape Town WUDC 2019

Date: 27. Dec 18 - 04. Jan 19

Place: University of Cape Town, Cape Town

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Host: Cape Town WUDC 2019
Conveners: Marcus Gawronsky, Matt Barry, Emma Tiffin, Andrew Woolard, Charity Makhala, Divashnee Naidoo, Justin Winchester

Format: British Parliamentary Style (BPS)
Rounds: 9 Preliminary Rounds; Open: Partial Double Octos, Octos, Quarters, Semis, Final; ESL: Quarters, Semis, Final; EFL: Semis, Final
Team cap: 400
Chief adjudicators: Ameera Natasha Moore, Fanele Mashwama, Dan Lahav, Elisha Kunene, Enting Lee, Raffy Marshall, Steph White
Adjudicator rule:
Special features:

Reg fee: 7850 South African Rand (approx. 506€)
Accomodation: Graça Machel Hall, Baxter Hall, Leo Marquard Hall, Tugwell Hall, Kopano Residence
Registration: closed

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