Manchester IV

Manchester IV 2018 (c) Manchester Debating Union

Date: 17. Feb 18 - 18. Feb 18

Place: University of Manchester, Manchester

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Host: Manchester Debating Union

Format: British Parliamentary Style (BPS)
Rounds: 5 rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals, ESL-final, Pro/Am-finals, Open-finals
Team cap: 80
Chief adjudicators: Owen Mooney, Lucía Arce, Matt Hazell, Rory Flynn
Adjudicator rule: N - 1
Special features: Send more than 3 teams and reg is discounted by £5 a team [£45 for UK, £30 for International] (For NAMDA institutions this applies only to your first 3 teams after NAMDA discounts).

Reg fee: UK teams: £50, Ireland and other international teams: £35
Accomodation: ?
Registration: Registration Announcement: It will be closed for teams at midnight on Friday 8th December. IA registration will stay open for a few weeks longer so anyone wanting that have longer to decide.

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