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EUDC Tallinn 2017: Die Ergebnisse des zweiten Tags

EUDC Tallinn 2017: Die Ergebnisse des zweiten TagsEs gibt einen neuen Zwischenstand der VDCH-Teams in Tallinn. Am zweiten Tag der Europameisterschaften erreichten die Teams aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum folgende Punktzahlen: Berlin C (Christina Dexel, Christof Kebschull), 12 Punkte Berlin D (Frederike Holewik, Kathrin Niederschuh), 11 Punkte Munich A (Melda Eren, Wladislaw Yachtchenko), 11 Punkte Jena (Anonym, Anonym), 10 Punkte Munich VY (Valerie Llim Xuan, Yimin Ge), 10 Punkte Vienna D (Marvin Grünthal, Kata Sebök), 10 Punkte Berlin A (Stefan Torges, Julian Stastny), 9 Punkte Heidelberg B (Benedikt Rennekamp, Pascal Beleiu), 9 Punkte Munich CA (Christian Rausch, Andreas Pritchard), 9 Punkte Munich B (Jannis Hussain, Florens Rilling), 9 ...
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VDCH-Teams in Tallinn: Die Ergebnisse des ersten Tages

VDCH-Teams in Tallinn: Die Ergebnisse des ersten TagesNach der Anreise am Montag, Strandspaziergängen und selbstverständlichem Public Viewing der aktuellen "Game of Thrones"-Folge starteten die Teams des Verbands der Debattierclubs an Hochschulen (VDCH) am gestrigen Dienstag in die ersten drei Runden der European University Debating Championships (EUDC) in Tallinn. Für alle Daheimgebliebenen listet die Achte Minute in diesem Beitrag die Ergebnisse nach dem ersten Tag auf. Berlin C (Christina Dexel, Christof Kebschull), 7 Punkte Berlin A (Stefan Torges, Julian Stastny), 6 Punkte Munich A (Melda Eren, Wladislaw Yachtchenko), 6 Punkte Munich B (Jannis Hussain, Florens Rilling), 5 Punkte Munich VY (Valerie Llim Xuan, Yimin Ge), 5 Punkte Vienna A (Melanie Sindelar, ...
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Tel Aviv wins the Berlin IV 2017

Tel Aviv wins the Berlin IV 2017Ido Kotler and Monica Forman from Tel Aviv won the Berlin IV 2017, speaking in Closing Opposition to the motion "This House would prefer a world where there is only one religion". [caption id="attachment_32206" align="alignright" width="400"] Chief Adjudicators van Beusekom, Irvine, Smith, Har-Oz, Large, Winners Kotler and Forman - © Jonas Huggins[/caption] As team #Reichs_tag_a_friend they beat Munich A (Melda Eren, Wladi Jachtchenko) in Opening Government,  Debating – not even once (Milla Huuskonen - Helsinki, Leo Yung - London) in Opening Opposition and Oxford A (Tommy Peto, Raffy Marshall) in Closing Government. The final was judged by Sivan Avitan in the chair, Namita Gupta, ...
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EUDC 2016: The results

EUDC 2016: The results[caption id="attachment_29710" align="alignright" width="344"] View over Warsaw - © Lennart Lokstein[/caption] The European Universities Debating Championship is over. Winner of the ESL-final is Tel Aviv A (Dan Lahav, Ayal Hayut-man) from Closing Government, thus becoming ESL-Champions, whereas the teams Tel Aviv C (Tom Manor, Noam Dahan) from Opening Government, Leiden D (Lisa Schallenberg, Simon Martina-Perez) from Opening Opposition and Leiden A (Floris Holstege, Emma Lucas) from Closing Opposition become vice ESL-Champions. The final's motion was "This house believes that western states should support breakaway regions in former Sovjet states (e.g. East Ukraine l South Ossetia) joining the Russian federation conditional on holding free and ...
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EUDC 2015 – The first two days

EUDC 2015 - The first two daysThe first three days and six open rounds of the European Universities Debating Championships are already over. Tomorrow the competing teams will debate three more rounds without getting the results before the break will be announced at the Pratersauna.The Adjudication Team published the resultes in a Google-Doc, which is available online.The results of competing teams of debating societies of the VDCH - Association of German Speaking University Debating Societies are listed here:[caption id="attachment_27073" align="alignright" width="400"] Registration Desk on the first day of Vienna EUDC 2015. (c) Vienna EUDC 2015[/caption]Berlin A - 9 points (Florian Grünwald and Tanja Maximow, Berlin)Berlin B - 8 points ...
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Vienna EUDC 2015 – Starting Soon

Vienna EUDC 2015 – Starting SoonFrom coming Sunday on, the European Debating Championship (EUDC) 2015 in Vienna will take place. The tournament starts on August 2 and ends on Saturday, August 8. The schedule includes nine preliminary rounds, semi-finals and finals among dinners, parties and a Council meeting.Being the second biggest debating tournament worldwide after the World Championship and organized by the Vienna Debating Society, a member of the German debating circuit, it will have over 650 participants arriving from all over Europe.As usual with big international tournaments, there will be equity guidelines, whoch can be read in the current equity briefing. They deal with ...
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