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GUU wins Durham Open

GUU wins Durham Open[caption id="attachment_32163" align="alignright" width="400"] The GUU delegation at the Durham Open with winners Bethany Garry (standing) and Owen Mooney (green shirt) - © GUU[/caption] The Durham Open 2017 was won by GUU A (Bethany Garry and Owen Mooney) in Opening Opposition on an open motion. They debated against Consider Phlebas (Sam van Elk, Cambridge and Joe Roussos, LSE) in Opening Government, Oxford RJ (Jure Hederih and Raffy Marshall) in Closing Government and Cambridge E (Camilo Ruiz and Matt Hankin) in Closing Opposition. The final was judged by Kez Exley (C) Dee Courtney, Aislin Flynn, Rory Flynn and Chris Paschali Best speaker of the tournament was ...
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Tilbury House wins Manchester IV 2014 in the category ESL

Tilbury House wins Manchester IV 2014 in the category ESLA VDCH*-team was the winner of the Manchester IV 2014: Lukas Thiel and Moritz Justen of Tilbury House Debating Society won the tournament in the category English as a Second Language (ESL). After four preliminary rounds, the team from Cologne was pitted against teams from Glasgow, Lund, and Dalarna in the position of Closing Opposition. The motion of the ESL-final was "This House would support a strict disciplinarian educational system, as long as it makes students perform better". The team from Dalarna, Sweden, consisting of Siri Nylund and Alva Winsa, also participated in and won the Novice final against teams from ...
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The Appointment of DCAs for Durham EUDC 2014

The Appointment of DCAs for Durham EUDC 2014[caption id="attachment_17141" align="alignright" width="324"] Beyond black and white: Danique van Koppenhagen (l) and Fred Cowell (r) are looking for Co-DCAs[/caption] The DCAs of the Durham EUDC 2014 bid contacted Achte Minute about the application process for Druham EUDC DCAs. Below are all the informations you need if you want to consider an application. "We will not be appointing DCAs on a specifically regional basis but will instead be appointing those individuals who meet the qualifications and are best placed to fulfil the duties and expectations of a DCA. The qualifications and duties of a DCA are set out below, we will be ...
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Durham Open 2011

Durham Open 2011“Free Speech Since 1842“ – the slogan of the Durham Union Society will also apply to this year’s Durham Open on 18 and 19 June. Chief adjudicators (CA) at this tournament in the North East of England will be Ben Jasper (EUDC finalist 2008, CA of Oxford IV 2010) and Patrick Rooney (EUDC winner 2010, WUDC quarter-finalist 2011, CA of DCU Open 2011). The Durham Open is known for its open motions as well as for copious amounts of Yakka, a cocktail made of vodka, lime juice and ice, as the convenors state in their e-mail to the international debating ...
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Durham Open 2010

Durham Open 2010Das Durham Open 2010 wird am 19. und 20. Juni ausgetragen. Das Turnier wird im Debattierformat BPS und in englischer Sprache abgehalten und ist drei Wochen vor Beginn der Europameisterschaften (EUDC) 2010 in Amsterdam eine hervorragende Gelegenheit zum Training. In den Worten der Gastgeber von der Durham Union Society: "5 rounds in open motion format with 7 minute speeches on the Saturday providing a great chance to practice at a high level before Euros by working on responsiveness and engagement to the debate". Am Sonntag werden Halbfinale und Finale ausgetragen. Chefjuror ist Gavin Illsey, Europameister 2006. Die Anmeldung ist via ...
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