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Tallinn EUDC 2017: Tel Aviv and Glasgow are the new European Champions

Tallinn EUDC 2017: Tel Aviv and Glasgow are the new European ChampionsThe European Universities Debate Championship 2017, taking place in Tallinn, have come to an end. On the day of the finals both the last four teams of the Open track and the English as a Second Language (ESL) track came together at the Nordea Concert hall for the two finals. ...
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Tallinn EUDC 2017: The break

Tallinn EUDC 2017: The breakOn the third day of the European University Debate Championship 2017 the pre-rounds come to an end, meaning: The break happens. We've gathered all the information available for you and will edit more once we get our hands on it. ...
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VDCH-Teams in Tallinn: Die Ergebnisse des ersten Tages

VDCH-Teams in Tallinn: Die Ergebnisse des ersten TagesNach der Anreise am Montag, Strandspaziergängen und selbstverständlichem Public Viewing der aktuellen "Game of Thrones"-Folge starteten die Teams des Verbands der Debattierclubs an Hochschulen (VDCH) am gestrigen Dienstag in die ersten drei Runden der European University Debating Championships (EUDC) in Tallinn. Für alle Daheimgebliebenen listet die Achte Minute in diesem Beitrag die Ergebnisse nach dem ersten Tag auf. Berlin C (Christina Dexel, Christof Kebschull), 7 Punkte Berlin A (Stefan Torges, Julian Stastny), 6 Punkte Munich A (Melda Eren, Wladislaw Yachtchenko), 6 Punkte Munich B (Jannis Hussain, Florens Rilling), 5 Punkte Munich VY (Valerie Llim Xuan, Yimin Ge), 5 Punkte Vienna A (Melanie Sindelar, ...
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Vienna wins PEP IV 2017

Winners of PEP IV 2017: Mark Etzel and Miri Muntean - (c) DK Wien[caption id="attachment_31855" align="alignright" width="400"] Winners of PEP IV 2017: Mark Etzel and Miri Muntean - (c) DK Wien[/caption] Vienna Z (Miri Muntean, Mark Etzel) has won this year's PEP IV, debating the motion 'This House Supports the EU backed Western Balkans Customs Union, even at the price of terminating the free trade agreement with Russia and joining the EU sanctions on Russia' in Opening Opposition against the Opening Government St. Gallen University A (Jan-Gunther Gosselke, Katarina Kuzman), Closing Government CEC A (Kristina Georgieva, Monika Naydenova) and Closing Opposition Bard College Berlin A (John Kay, Matt Caito). Best speaker of the tournament was ...
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Belgrade wins Novi Sad Open

Belgrade wins Novi Sad Open[caption id="attachment_31451" align="alignright" width="330"] Really Bad Hombres, winners of the first Novi Sad Open - (c) Jan-Gunther Gosselke[/caption] The team Really Bad Hombres (Miloš Marjanović & Teodora Resetar)  has won Novi Sad Open 2017 in Opening Opposition, debating the motion "THBT all companies should be majority owned and controlled by their workers" against Break or Move Out (OG, Chris Edgar & Ben Shaw), Helicopters at night (CG, Dariusch Klett-Cotta & Paul Reiter) and Samo je korak do dna (CO, Ilija Ivanišević & Janko Djordjevic). The final was judged by Emilia Carlqvist, Paul Smith, Jovan Petronijevic and Milja Sijakinjic. Best speaker of the tournament ...
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Debaters at WUDC – Part 3

Debaters at WUDC - Part 3There are a lot of different people from a lot of different countries participating at the WUDC and we try to introduce you to as many as possible! In this part you will find interviews with the following participants: Beatriz de León and Yolanda González, Spain Charlotte Gabriel and Nathanael Revaldi, Indonesia Jan-Gunther Gosselke, Switzerland   Beatriz de León and Yolanda González, Spain [caption id="attachment_30845" align="alignleft" width="400"] Beatriz de León and Yolanda González - © Johannes Meiborg[/caption] AM: Hello who are you two and what brought you into debating? BdL: I'm Beatriz, 20 years old and I study law and international relations at the University Francisco de Vitania in ...
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Leiden wins Lund IV 2016

Leiden wins Lund IV 2016„We are here because we didn't have a cancellation agreement“ (Jeroen Wijnen and Roel Becker, Leiden) won the final of the Lund IV in Opening Opposition. Debating the motion "THB that nuclear weapons have made the world a safer place.", they defeated "Belgrade A" (Ilija Ivanišević and Đorđe Jovićević) in Opening Government, "UCD Law A" (Adam Stairs and Aodhan Peelo) in Closing Government and "Cambridge CK" (George Clay and Muhammad Asadullah Khan) in Closing Opposition. The full debate is available on Youtube. Best speaker was Aodhan Peelo (UCD Law A) with an average of 82.6 points. [caption id="attachment_30505" align="alignright" width="400"] From left ...
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Friedrichshafen/Munich wins first Munich Open

Friedrichshafen/Munich wins first Munich Open[caption id="attachment_30238" align="alignright" width="400"] The winning team of this year's Munich Open: Calyxx Peucker & Philipp Müller - © Jan-Gunther Gosselke[/caption] From October 28th till October 30th, the first Munich Open took place after substantial preparations by conveners Katharina Heinrich and Christian Rausch. CAed by Monica Forman, Ben Shaw and Melda Eren, it extended the former trio of important international tournaments in the German circuit (Berlin IV, Tilbury IV, Vienna IV) by a fourth. Following five preliminary rounds, 'Berlin B' (Stefan Torges & Julian Stastny) , 'Clash and Burn' (Friedrichshafen/Munich, Calyxx Peucker & Philipp Müller), 'Heidelberg Rennehardt' (Benedikt Rennekamp & Martin Reinhardt), 'My minority ...
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EUDC 2016: The results

EUDC 2016: The results[caption id="attachment_29710" align="alignright" width="344"] View over Warsaw - © Lennart Lokstein[/caption] The European Universities Debating Championship is over. Winner of the ESL-final is Tel Aviv A (Dan Lahav, Ayal Hayut-man) from Closing Government, thus becoming ESL-Champions, whereas the teams Tel Aviv C (Tom Manor, Noam Dahan) from Opening Government, Leiden D (Lisa Schallenberg, Simon Martina-Perez) from Opening Opposition and Leiden A (Floris Holstege, Emma Lucas) from Closing Opposition become vice ESL-Champions. The final's motion was "This house believes that western states should support breakaway regions in former Sovjet states (e.g. East Ukraine l South Ossetia) joining the Russian federation conditional on holding free and ...
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