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Berlin Debating Union wins first tournament at Bard College Berlin

Berlin Debating Union wins first tournament at Bard College BerlinKonstantina Nathanail and Pegah Maham from the Berlin Debating Union have won the Bard College Berlin ProAm. [caption id="attachment_32914" align="alignright" width="377"] The winners of the Barc College Berlin Pro/Am: Konstantina Nathanail and Pegah Maham - © Elâ Marie Akay[/caption] The two from the team Constant Mayhem convinced the jury as Opening Opposition to the motion “This House would prefer to live in a world in which genetic engineering of fetuses is possible and widely accessible.” All three other teams in the final were from the Berlin Debating Union, too: Martian Law (Marcel John, Martijn Roo) in Opening Government, BDU Huggator (Kathrin Niederschuh, ...
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ULU/Oxford win Helsinki Open

ULU/Oxford win Helsinki Open[caption id="attachment_32040" align="alignright" width="158"] Winners of the Helsinki Open - Alex Harris (left) and Brian Wong (right) - © Brian Wong[/caption] Congratulations to ‘Alex is never Wong’ (Alex Harris, former ULU, and Brian Wong, Oxford) for winning the Helsinki Open 2017. They won the final from Closing Government defeating ‘The Cupcakes or Your Life’ (Miri Muntean and Ingo Bandhauer, Vienna) in Opening Government, ‘Schrodinger’s Dichotomy’ (Jenni Juvonven, former Tampere, and Martijn Roo, Berlin) in Opening Opposition, and ‘Mainor A’ (Oskar Gross and Kasper) in Closing Opposition on the motion ‘This House would grant an amnesty to citizens who fought for ISIS ...
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Helsinki Open 2015

Helsinki Open 2015After the Nordic Debating Championship in 2013 and the first Helsinki Open last year, the debating societies from Aalto University (ADS) and Helsinki University (HDS) invite debaters in the Far North: to the second Helsinki Open on May 9 and 10, 2015 - one of the Northernmost debating tournaments. The organizers are confident to present a wonderful, not-so-cold event featuring five preliminary rounds with a break into semi-finals as well as socials including traditional Finnish sauna. The tournament will be on Saturday and Sunday, but there will be a social on Friday night. A Google Doc for registration is already ...
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