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Tel Aviv, Munich win the Cambridge IV

Tel Aviv, Munich win the Cambridge IVThe Cambridge IV 2017 preliminary rounds concluded similar to the Oxford IV, with Tel Aviv AD again breaking first, this time on 13 points. Dan Lahav again topped the open speaker tab - this time accompanied by Darion Hotan of KCL A, both averaging an 83.6 that begged belief. Dan Lahav was once again the top ESL speaker. Xavier Redmond, of Oxford RK, was the top novice speaker with an average of 79. In the final round, Tel Aviv AD (Ayal Hayut-Man, Dan Lahav) won from Opening Government defending the motion that "This house believes that it is always immoral to ...
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Tallinn EUDC 2017: The break

Tallinn EUDC 2017: The breakOn the third day of the European University Debate Championship 2017 the pre-rounds come to an end, meaning: The break happens. We've gathered all the information available for you and will edit more once we get our hands on it. ...
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Toronto wins World Schools Debate Academy Tournament

Toronto wins World Schools Debate Academy Tournament[caption id="attachment_32286" align="alignleft" width="309"] Winning team Toronto 1 - © UTS Speech and Debate Society[/caption] The tournament at the World Schools Debate Academy 2017 was won on a 6 - 3 split desicion by Toronto 1 (Gautam Manohar, Adithya Chakravarthy, Angela Li, Andrei Comlosan Pop and Mia Richmond; Canada) in Opposition on the motion "THBT developed nations should not recruit high skilled workers such as doctors and engineers from developing countries". They debated in the final against the team North European Trade Agreement (Sonia Meehan, Leo Ohl, Julius Schillinger, Luesa Vallin and Mariam Kojo; Finnland/Germany). The final was adjudicated by Duncan Crowe (c), Kristina Loayza, Jenny Tumas, Rok Hafner, Penny Sadeghi , Malvika Kala, Roel Becker, Elizabeta ...
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GUU Ancients and GUU Women’s 2015

GUU Ancients and GUU Women’s 2015The Glasgow University Union (GUU) invites debaters from all over the world to participate at the GUU Ancients and the GUU Women's on Friday, May 15 to Sunday, May 17, 2015. The organising comitee promises a three course black-tie dinner and yakka.The Chief Adjudicaters for GUU Ancients are Emilia Carlqvist, Simon Tunnicliffe, Hugh Guidera and Heather Whiteside. For GUU Women's, Parnian Sadeghi, Hannah Martin and Maria Ni Fhlatharta sit on the panel.Important information for GUU Ancients:Host: GUUDate: 15 and 16 May 2015Convener: Duncan CroweRounds: Five preliminary rounds, break to the semisChief Adjudicators: Emilia Carlqvist, Simon Tunnicliffe, Hugh Guidera and Heather WhitesideRegistration fee: £40 in advance for UK based institutions and Open teams (£50 on ...
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