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Tel Aviv wins European Round Robin 2019

Tel Aviv wins European Round Robin 2019[caption id="attachment_35730" align="alignright" width="400"] Tom Manor and Noam Dahan - © Antonina Dębska[/caption] The team Tel Aviv MD (Tom Manor, Noam Dahan) has triumphed at the European Round Robin 2019 in Warsaw. As Closing Government, the reigning EUDC champions defeated Opening Government Belgrade MS (Milos Marjanovic, Stefan Siridžanski), Opening Opposition Steven/Sella (Steven Rajavinothan, Sella Nevo) and Closing Opposition Tan/Marshall (Teck Wei Tan, Raffy Marshall). The motion read "This House prefers a world where family love was seen as unconditional as opposed to conditional". The final was judged by Gigi Gil (chair), Harish Natarajan, Przemek Stolarski, Kit Mercer and Tudor Musat. Team Break: 1. Tan/Marshall ...
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I pack my bags and take…: An EUDC-Guide for Beginners

I pack my bags and take…: An EUDC-Guide for BeginnersComing Sunday at the 14th August the European Debating Championship 2016 will take place in Warsaw and, as usual, the Achte Minute will be there to report. But for now the big question is not yet who managed to break but rather what to bring along. As a wonderful German proverb states: "Life ain't no pony yard" - it means that life isn't easy. Most participants have to pack their own bags, since mother or father don't do it for them anymore. So we want to have a chat out of the sewing box with you about things we deem ...
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Comparison of the bids for EUDC 2016

Comparison of the bids for EUDC 2016At the European Universities Debating Championship (EUDC) in Zagreb, the EUDC council will meet to decide who will host the EUDC in 2016. A couple of weeks ago, the University of Cork announced their bid for the EUDC 2016. Now there is a second bid: The University of Warsaw Debate Society has joined the ranks of the applicants to host the prestigious tournament. Marcus Ewald, former President of the EUDC council, asked both bidding societies to provide information to enable debaters to compare the bids. The full information gathered is compiled in a Google Doc. As a caveat, Marcus notes that ...
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