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Utrecht/ Leiden win Amsterdam Open, UCD LawSoc wins Pro-Am final

Utrecht/ Leiden win Amsterdam Open, UCD LawSoc wins Pro-Am finalThe Amsterdam Open 2017 was won by Floris en Pieter (Jelte Schievels, Utrecht & David Metz; Leiden) in Opening Government on the motion THBT the Left should focus on using class as its central organising principle, rather than other aspects of identity. [caption id="attachment_32071" align="alignright" width="315"] Winners of Amsterdam Open: Jelte Schievels and David Metz - © David Metz[/caption] They debated against In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary: come again? (Anastasia Grishkova, KCL & Bas Tönissen, St. Andrews) in Opening Opposition, Wong Call, Bagequit (Brian Wong, Oxford & Johan Bage, Stockholm) in Closing Government and You are fake news (Weronika Mincewicz-Podrecka, Leiden & John Tsopanis, ULU) in Closing Opposition. The final was judged by ...
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Leiden wins Lund IV 2016

Leiden wins Lund IV 2016„We are here because we didn't have a cancellation agreement“ (Jeroen Wijnen and Roel Becker, Leiden) won the final of the Lund IV in Opening Opposition. Debating the motion "THB that nuclear weapons have made the world a safer place.", they defeated "Belgrade A" (Ilija Ivanišević and Đorđe Jovićević) in Opening Government, "UCD Law A" (Adam Stairs and Aodhan Peelo) in Closing Government and "Cambridge CK" (George Clay and Muhammad Asadullah Khan) in Closing Opposition. The full debate is available on Youtube. Best speaker was Aodhan Peelo (UCD Law A) with an average of 82.6 points. [caption id="attachment_30505" align="alignright" width="400"] From left ...
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Dublin wins UCU Open

UCU LogoThe team TCD Hist A (Lorna Staines, Catherine Prasifka, Dublin) won the open finals as Closing Opposition at the UCU Open 2016. They prevailed against Utrecht United (Danique van Koppenhagen, Florine Rombach) in Opening Government, X in Opening Opposition and Jules and Tom (Jules Boog, Tom Pouw)  in Closing Government on the motion "Assuming the technology exists, THW remove the fear of death from all (human) individuals." The final was adjudicated by Simone Landman (chair), Katharina Jansen, Mike Weltevrede, Clíodhna Ní Chéileachair,  Nishith Hegde and two others whose names we weren't provided. The novice finals were won by The Backup (Becky Mikova, Pelle Keulen, ...
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