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Turku Open 2013

Turku Open 2013 The UTU Debating Club announced the Turku Open, that will take place in Finland from 25th to 27th October 2013. 5 Preliminary Rounds with Break to the Semi-Finals Chief Adjudicator: Manos Moschopoulos Team Cap: 32 teams (no limitation to the number of teams each institution can send) First come-first serve criteria n-1 rule apply Registration Fee is 50€/debater with accommodation and 35€/debater without Registration Fee is 40€/adjudicator with accommodation and 25€/adjudicator without. Registration Deadline: 30th of September or when the Team Cap is reached The organizers give three reasons, why debaters should come: " Because you love debate and we promise you amazing motions, a well-known CA, great judges and ...
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