Jacobs Open 2009: Review

Datum: 1. Februar 2009
Kategorie: Neues aus den Clubs

Okay, good people, this is just me wrapping up:

After really nice dinner I am on my way back to campus to have a look whether (and to what extent … I fondly/with the resulting headache still vividly in mind remember the invention of „Vodka-Sekt“ in 2006) a staff afterparty is taking place.

I have about 10 million pieces of detailed feedback on the tournament, but here is a top-level view:

It’s been an immensely enjoyable Jacobs Open once again, and that is said in full awareness that I am biased as anything. The result is fantastic … it was about time that one of our own (Bastian Laubner, President (ret.) 2004/05, Convenor IUB Open 2005) whom we sent to invade other parts of the world won this thing. Congrats again!
Rounds were good, with a very strong top part of the tab. Adjudication was okay, even though unfortunately last year’s depth in the adjudication pool couldn’t be replicated. The wear and tear on Chief Adjudiactors was immense (Rhydian, anyone?), but that all worked out very quietly and smoothly. Tabbing was a breeze (thank you, Mihaela!), too.
Socials have always been very close to my heart (among other bodyparts) – they need a bit of a review, but the solutions seem easy to achieve: Friday night needs more G&Ts, Saturday a better location, i.e. the place where we ended up after having a look at Stubu for about 10 minutes. Fully aware of what an awful business partner they are (we outsourced quite a bit of our socials in 2007 to them), they do excellent cocktails … life is full of trade-offs.

It’s snowing outside, so we will cuddle up now. – Thank you, Bremen, for making this happen; thank you, everyone else, for tuning in!

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