Austrian broadcaster ORF visited Debattierklub Wien

Datum: Jun 22nd, 2011
Category: Themen

“Ich bin ein Berliner”, “I have a dream” and “Yes we can”! Speech may change the world – but where can you learn that? Of course, in a debate club! The team of show “Sommerzeit” of the Austrian broadcaster ORF with presenter Reinhard “Jesi” Jesionek visited Debattierklub Wien to learn how a debate works and what you can do in a debate club. The presenter joined the debate on the topic “Should all search for extraterrestrial life be stopped immediately?” together with the Viennese debaters and was thus able to experience first hand how a debate club breeds excellent debaters through constant practice and feedback. Debattierklub Wien was now allowed to put this funny and interesting segment online. It is available on YouTube and Vimeo, though only available in German.

Florian Prischl / apf

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1 Kommentare zu “Austrian broadcaster ORF visited Debattierklub Wien”

  1. Mathias says:

    Das ist echt ein toller Bericht. Witzig, mit goldener Selbstironie. Glückwunsch Wien. Vllt. könnt ihr mal erzählen, wie ihr den vorbereitet habt.

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