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Kazan wins Moscow Open

Kazan wins Moscow Open[caption id="attachment_33181" align="alignright" width="400"] F.l.t.r.: The winners of Moscow Open Maxim Raschupkin and Mikhail Shuganov together with final judges Anna Akimova, Harish Natarajan, Monica Forman and Raffy Marshall - © Yaroslav Elistratov[/caption] The team Varvara (Maxim Raschupkin, Mikhail Shuganov) from Kazan has won the final of the Moscow Open 2017 from Opening Government on the Motion "THBT democratic states should ban and block all media outlets believed to undermine democratic values". They defeated Pink Ponies (Alexey Nogovitsin, Danil Kustin) in Opening Opposition, SUFE A (Yan Shen, Qiyu Lin) in Closing Government and 2 genders 1 cup (Ekaterina Bogma, Nikola Serafimov) in ...
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Moscow Open 2013

Moscow Open 2013 The registration for Moscow Open 2013 is now open!  The Org Com says that the will provide food, crash and alcohol (“pretty decent socials sponsored by our business consulting friends") . Additionally they will help with the visa: “So just put on a big fur coat, google Navalny and practice your vodka drinking. Russia can't wait to have you!” Details: 5 rounds, break to semifinals There is no registration fee for international teams & judges. Please note that n-1 rule applies to Moscow teams. Deadline for registration is November 11. CA - Sally Rooney (EUDC 2013 Top Speaker, EUDC 2013 Finalist, EUDC 2012 Semi-finalist, winner of the International Mace and ...
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