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KCL, Tel Aviv win Oxford IV

KCL, Tel Aviv win Oxford IVBreaking 9th seed, Darion Hotan and Sam van Elk from Kings College London proceed to win the 2017 Oxford Intervarsity. The tournament's Chief Adjudicators were Evan Lynyak, Sella Nevo, Sophie Large, Teck Wei Tan, and Joshua Bailey. The tab team, SUULUU Candles, was led by Roxana Legezynska and included Katherine Dunbar, Steven Roy, Alex Murray, Joseph Sisson, and Jiwoo Won. [caption id="attachment_33048" align="alignright" width="400"] In Closing Opposition, BPP A ran an economics extension in the Final. photo credit: Justin Kirk[/caption] Debating as KCL A, Darion and Sam proposed that “Assuming it could be done peacefully, this House would replace all existing governments ...
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Oxford IV 2013

Oxford IV 2013The Oxford Inter-Varsity 2013 will be held from November 8th and 9th. There is the possibility to visit the legendary Oxford Union Debate on Thursday evening. Also there will be campus tour for international debaters on Friday morning followed by some Debating workshops and the registration that ends at 3pm. Details Five preliminary rounds of 7 minute speeches, breaking to Quarter Finals, ESL Semi Finals and novice Grand Final All Grand Finals hosted in the (in)famous Oxford Union Chamber 140 team cap, n-1 applying to IONA teams Introductory debating workshops Novice Grand Final and Best Novice Speaker prize CA TEAM Stephanie Bell - WUDC 2012 Grand-Finalist and ...
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Oxford IV 2012

The Oxford Union invites to this year’s Oxford IV – one of the most prestigious competitions in the debating world – from November 9 to 10. Fine judging and motions will be provided by chief adjudicators Harish Natarajan, Tom Hosking and Georgie Barker. There are two registrations options: The IONA package for 90 British Pounds per team includes five rounds of seven minute speeches, open break to quarter finals and ESL break to semi-finals, crash for Friday and Saturday night, socials, free drinks and a hog roast. n-1 rule applies. The international package for 110 British Pounds per team includes guaranteed crash for Thursday ...
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Oxford Women’s Open 2012

Oxford Women's Open from January 20 to 21 means debating without men – only female debaters and judges are admitted. The same is true of the chief adjudication team consisting of Catherine Murphy (Trinity College Dublin Historical Society) and Jen Coyne (Oxford Union). Catherine is a Euros finalist 2011 and also topped the tab there. Jen broke to quarters at the Euros 2010 in Amsterdam and at the Worlds 2011 in Gaborone, Botswana. Reg fee is 20 British Pound (about 24 Euros) per institution, no matter how many teams an institution sends. Mixed teams are welcome, too. Registration is already open, if ...
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Oxford Women’s Open 2011

For those spontaneous among female debaters: On 11 and 12 February, the Oxford Women’s Open will be held at Oxford. The name of the tournament makes you think it’s a women only tourney – yep, that’s right! Only female debaters are admitted. On the Facebook page of the event, the convenors promise two great socials – and maybe even a chocolate fountain. Moreover, a great pool of world class judges will give feedback twice as long than usual at IVs. The registration fees are 30 British Pounds (about 35 Euros). Novice teams are encouraged to register. Crash for two nights ...
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Michael Saliba won Oxford Freshers’ Cup

Michael Saliba won the Freshers' Cup 2010 of the Oxford Union. In late November, the former president of Debattierclub Stuttgart (DCS) competed with other freshmen at the famous debating union. The Ph.D. candidate from Stuttgart won on the motion "This house would rig elections to keep extremist parties out of parliament if it could get away with it" from opening government. The Oxford Union stages this Freshers' Cup annually for students of all kinds who start or continue debating at Oxford. About 60 freshmen collected points  in five debates over the first trimester. The eight best speakers break to the final held ...
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“One of the best seven minutes of debating I have ever seen” – Steven Nolan reports on the Oxford IV 2010

Irish Interruption and a bid from Berlin: Last weekend LSE (John Ashbourne and Anser Aftab) won the Oxford IV, with Erasmus (Daniel Springer and Jeroen Heun) taking home the ESL title. Over 120 teams had come to take part in one of the most prestigious debating competition of the year. This year's CA's Ben Jasper (EUDC finalist 2008 in Tallinn) and Shengwu Li (EUDC champion 2009 in Newcastle), with DCA Jo Farmer (EUDC finalist 2009) set interesting motions and topics for debate, and despite the usual Oxford difficulties of a last minute dash to Wadham College for your round, the ...
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London School of Economics wins Oxford IV 2010

John Ashbourne and Anser Aftab from the London School of Economics (LSE A) won the Oxford IV on the past weekend. ESL, the category for those who speak “English as a Second Language”, was won by Daniel Springer and Jeroen Heun from Erasmus Rotterdam, ranked 1 and 2 on the ESL tab of this year’s Euros in Amsterdam. The tab of the Oxford IV can be found online. Teams breaking to semis (main break): Cambridge A Cambridge B Yale C Manchester SR Durham A Manchester AJ Yale A Stanford B Monash Sydney TCD Hist B ULU C Princeton AL UBC A LSE A St Andrews ESL Break to semis: Groningen B MGMIO A (Helmut Kohl and East Germany; team broke third ...
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Berlin presents Worlds bid

The Berlin Debating Union (BDU) has made a decision: They want to bring the Worlds to Germany! On Saturday, Patrick Ehmann, John Eltringham and Cloud Ramasendaran are going to present their bid for convening the World Universities Debating Championships at the Oxford IV. The support of VDCH, the Association of Debating Societies at Universities, facilitated the decision of Berlin Debating Union: “Only because we know we have the German debating circuit to support us we dare to do this,” BDU president Patrick admits. He is even more delighted to have other German debaters at the Oxford IV to back BDU’s presentation ...
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Sex shop discount for Oxford Union members provokes media attention

The Oxford Union, maybe the best known debating society worldwide, consistently provokes media attention. Recent Daily Telegraph detection (22nd September): "Oxford Union members get sex shop discount as 'treat'". German media also jumps on the bandwagon. Süddeutsche Zeitung today (23rd September) reports headlining "Elite-Rabatt im Sexshop". In some areas several VDCH debating clubs may follow suit the Union - it may be doubted that this special area may be part of those. The discount seems to provoke debates in the Union, too. The Daily Telegraph reports: "'It's incongruous with the image of the Union, its prestigious history and the ...
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Oxford IV 2010

Eines der berühmtesten Intervarsities (Hochschulturniere) im Debattieren ist das Oxford IV, zu dem die Oxford Union jedes Jahr im November hunderte Debattierer und Debattiererinnen empfängt. Wie sollte es anders sein: Auch 2010 wird ein Oxford IV ausgetragen, diesmal am 12. und 13. November. Als Chefjuroren konnte die Oxford Union Shengwu Li (u.a. Europameister), Ben Jasper und Jo Farmer (beide EUDC-Finalisten) gewinnen. Die Anmeldung eröffnet für nichtbritische Teams am 1. August. Mehr Details sind noch nicht bekannt, sobald die Achte Minute Details erfährt, werden sie hier ergänzt. Fragen kann man schonmal an convenor[at] richten. Die Oxford Union ist die vielleicht berühmteste ...
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Oxford Womens’ Open 2010

Am 30. April und 1. Mai wird das Oxford Womens' Open 2010 ausgetragen. Antreten dürfen ausschließlich Frauen. Chefjurorinnen sind Kizzy Russel, Sayeqa Islam und Jo Farmer. 40 Zweierteams werden zu dem Turnier erwartet, das auf englisch und im Format BPS stattfindet. Geplant sind fünf Vorrunden, Halbfinals und Finale. Die Teilnahme kostet 40 Bristische Pund (umgerechnet gut 44 Euro) pro Zweierteam. Einfache Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten ("Crash") können von Freitag bis Sonntag gestellt werden. Infos und Anmeldung unter oxford.womens[at]
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