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Studentischer Streit im Bundesrat: München und Berlin debattieren beim Tag der offenen Tür

Blick in den Bundesrat zur Eröffnung des Tag der offenen Tür: Insgesamt 16.000 Besucher folgten der Einladung und besuchten des Bundesrat über den ganzen Tag, Foto (C) Bundesrat 2012 
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Heidelberg Debating wins Streitkultur Cup

Die Sieger des Streitkultur-Cups 2011 (v.l.n.r.): Sven Hirschfeld, Franzi Kriegelstein und Daniel Sommer - die Hütchen sind Teil des Titels. (Foto: Philipp Stiel)Heidelberg Debating A (Sven Hirschfeld, Daniel Sommer and Franzi Kriegelstein) won the final of the renown Streitkultur Cup 2011 in Tübingen. They defeated Streitkultur Pheme from Tübingen (Peter Croonenbroeck, Anne Suffel and Jonathan Spanos).Free speakers were Philipp Stiel, Lukas Windhager and Dominic Hildebrand. The final was judged by Vanessa Schilling, Tobias Kube, Oliver Hörtensteiner, Sarah Kempf and Leo Vogel. Mario Dießner functioned as president of the final debate. The audience chose Peter Croonenbroeck as best speaker of the final who was awarded with a traditional cactus. [caption id="attachment_11479" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The winners of the Streitkultur Cup 2011: Sven Hirschfeld, Franzi Kriegelstein ...
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Streitkultur-Cup 2011: The final break

The break of Streitkultur-Cup is here: The first team to break in Tübingen is Heidelberg Debating A (Sven Hirschfeld, Daniel Sommer, Franzi Kriegelstein), the second is Streitkultur Pheme (Peter Croonenbroeck, Anne Suffel, Jonathan Spanos). Free speakers breaking: Philipp Stiel, Lukas Windhager and Dominic Hildebrand. The top-of-the-tab team Xavers Zamperl from Munich (Franziska Schuster-Städter, Almut Graebsch, Jan-Felix Schneider)were not eligible to break since the broke something else: the pro-am rule. The fresher in the team must not have started debating before September 2011. Read more on this in the German version of this article.
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Berlin wins ZEIT DEBATTE Karlsruhe

Great start into the ZEIT DEBATTEN season 2011/2012 for Berlin Debating Union. Their speakers Georg Sommerfeld, Patrick Ehmann and Johannes Häger won the ZEIT DEBATTE's final against Marco Niedermaier, Lukas Windhager and Almut Graebsch who were competing for Debattierclub München. Georg Sommerfeld was the best speaker of the final. The motion was: Do we need the United Staates of Europe? The final was completed by the free speakers Willy Witthaut (Mainz), Sven Hirschfeld (Heidelberg) and Irene Adamski (Halle). The finals' adjudicators: Pauline Leopold (Tübingen), Yin Cai (Heidelberg), Christoph Krakowiak (SK Berlin), Mario Dießner (SK Berlin), Leonid Vogel (Karlsruhe) and ...
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CAs for BaWü announced

Yin Cai und Christoph Krakowiak sind die Chefjuroren der diesjährigen BaWü. (Foto: Christian Zimpelmann)The CAs of BaWü, the Open Baden-Wurttembergian Championship, have been announced: Yin Cai from DebatingClub Heidelberg and Christoph Krakowiak from Streitkultur Berlin are going to be the masters of the motions. Please read the German version of this article to learn more about the details. ...
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BaWü 2010 Pickings 1

This article is not available in English. Please read the German version of this article to see what various debating societies say about the BaWü 2010 on their websites! ...
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Munich wins BaWü 2010

Lukas Windhager, Almut Graebsch and Marco Niedermeier have won BaWü 2010. Best speaker of the final was Magnus Schmagold from Göttingen. More information soon on Achte Minute.
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Die Welt reports on show debate in Munich

The Newspaper Die Welt Kompakt reported on the show debate in Munich’s Atomic Café on 25 Ocotber. Die Welt’s author  Thomas Kletschke strongly emphasizes Lukas Windhager’s efforts, formerly treasurer of Debattierclub München. Kletschke on the debate with the motion “Manager in the morning, human being in the afternoon – we need a part time society”: “It was especially Windhagers closing argument that was convincing. In a part time society, those working full time would be the cash cows of society. ‘We could not live the way we’d like – we would have to live the way we should,’ he explained. Thus, ...
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Show debate at the disco Atomic Café in Munich

“Manager in the morning, human being in the afternoon – we need part time working!” – This is the slogan of a show debate the Debattierclub München hosts on Monday, 25 October. Not a lecture hall is the venue of this debate, but the club Atomic Café in Munich. Lukas Windhager and Valerio Morelli are the speakers who are not too shy to compete rhetorically in front of an audience. Their counterparts are representatives from media and politics. Who wins is decided upon by the audience. The Atomic Café can be found in Neuturmstraße 5, Munich. The club is open ...
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Münchener Vorstand bestätigt

Der alte ist der neue Vorstand. Die Mitgliederversammlung des Debattierclub München hat den kompletten Vorstand im Amt bestätigt. ...
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