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LSE wins Manchester IV

LSE wins Manchester IVThe LSE team Line of Control (Hamza Tariq Chaudhry, Mythili Mishra) has won the Manchester IV 2019. Out of Closing Opposition, they defeated the Opening Government Moral Metrics and Shit (Arth Mishra, Josh Ashworth, LSE), Opening Opposition Oxford present and rejected (Abhinav Bathula, Jamie Johnson; LSE/Oxford) and Closing Government something something toxic masculinity (Ciara Mitchell, Cheyenne Ong; LSE). The motion for the grand final read "THBT the scientific community should reject the view that science and religion are non-overlapping magisteria (incl. infoslide)". The final was judged by Jacklin Kwan (chair), Jason Woods, Joel Richardson, John Karellis, Maurice Coutiel, Rosie Vorri and ...
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SOAS IV 2014

SOAS IV 2014On the 18th and 19th of October, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) Debating Society at the University of London will hold their annual SOAS IV in London, England. The first Chief Adjudicator (CA) who has already been announced is Andrew Ford. Remaining CAs are yet to be announced. Equity officer will be Leah Wright. The tournament features five preliminary rounds with seven minute speeches, a break to quarter-finals as well as a break to semi-finals for teams in the category English as a Second Language (ESL), provided there are enough ESL teams for an ESL semi-final. From the 25th ...
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