Stuttgart breaks at DAPDI – and leaves before breaking rounds

Datum: Jul 22nd, 2010
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Nils Haneklaus and Michael Saliba (both from the debate club Debattierclub Stuttgart) made the break at the DAPDI (Dutch Anglo-Saxon Parliamentary Debating Institute) in Rotterdam – but left the venue before the final rounds took place in order to participate at the Tilbury House Sommer Open. 

The DAPDI takes place in Rotterdam every year. There were three days of debate seminars first, an exercise tournament followed (especially to prepare for the EUDC in Amsterdam).

The boys from Stuttgart made a blog entry on the DAPDI (in German) and left only positive reference:

“What could we get out of DAPDI? A lot, since on the one hand many experts participated as coaches. On the other hand the groups consisted of very strong individual speakers. It is rare enough that we learn about the theory of debating – and it is a bit like learning a new language: Just by imitating you will never be able to be really good. Only with the teaching of theory and grammar – meaning all those things that stay hidden during a debate – you will reach a very good level of debate. These are important inputs for upcoming trainings in Stuttgart. And the finding that the date of DAPDI 2011 is worth to be circled in the calendar!”

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