Team (international desk)

The editors-in-chief of Achte Minute are supported by lots of volunteers, such as photographers and contributors who write articles for our magazin intermittently.
A strong support comes from our webmasters and editors who work for us on a constant basis. They report on events impartially and normally attend a course on journalistic standards before taking up their appointment. They write news and features, conduct interviews and report from events such as national and international tournaments.
Currently the following persons are part of the Achte Minute international editorial board:

Jan-Gunther Gosselke (jgg.)

Helena Hecke (hh.)

Craig McDonald (cmc.)

Raphael Hill (mta.)

René Geci (rg.)

The following persons support Achte Minute as webmasters:

Philipp Stiel (ps.)

Alexander Osterkorn




Since 2010, the then-editors-in-chief were supported by a committed team of trained editors. The following persons used to support Achte Minute as editors on the international board:

Anja Pfeffermann (apf.)

Melanie Sindelar (msi.)

Verena R. Gräf (vro.)

Xenia Zhykhar (xzy.)

Saskia Höfer (hoe.)

Franka van Warmerdam (fvw.)


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