Free Debating League founded

Datum: Aug 25th, 2010
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On Saturday, August 21, thirteen clubs founded the Free Debating League (FDL). The FDL is a decentralized association of debating tournaments aimed at encouraging tournaments outside the ZEIT DEBATTEN series. At the end of each season the most successful clubs and speakers will be acknowledged. The general assembly of VDCH (Association of Debating Societies at Universities) received the initiative with a broad majority.

The FDL charter states: “We believe that our project provides long-term planning options, raises the reputation of decentralized tournaments and increases the incentive to take part in these. All debaters in Germany are offered new opportunities to experience high level debating.”

In signing the charter the regulations for the first season of the FDL were passed. Inter alia, it defines the mode for determining the most successful clubs and speakers. The precise wording can be found on the new FDL blog. Additionally, the current rankings will be published on the blog.

The three most renowned decentralized tournaments on the German-speaking debating circuit will be part of the FDL. The Gutenberg Cup hosted by DCJG Mainz (16/17 October) will be the kick-off to the FDL. The Streitkultur Cup hosted by Streitkultur Tübingen and the Berlin Debating Union’s Punk Tournament will also be part of the FDL. Clubs from Potsdam, Münster, Stuttgart and Magdeburg have moreover announced FDL tournaments.

Lukas Haffert, former VDCH vice-president, will act as FDL coordinator in the first season. His responsibilities encompass updating the points’ tables. He is also the contact person for clubs who wish to host tournaments in the FDL.

The FDL provides additional competitive tournaments for the German-speaking circuit where all debaters can showcase their rhetorical skills. At the VDCH general assembly, Marcus Ewald, VDCH vice-president, stressed the support of the new VDCH committee and wished the hosts lots of success.

Patrick Ehmann / apf

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