Debating workshop in Jena

Datum: Oct 15th, 2010
Category: Termine

A weekend filled with fun and debate – this is what the Debattiergesellschaft Jena (DGJ) offers from 12 to 14 November in their Thuringian hometown. Participants get to know various formats, from Wartburg (a special format developped in Thuringia and named after the famous castle), OPD (Open Parliamentary Debate, widely spread in Germany), and BPS (British Parliamentary Style) to Disputation (a format of strict rules based on Aristotle’s disputation). Aim of the non-competitive debaters’ meeting is to experience and learn – especially for adjudicators, since they should not focus on ranking teams during any tournament, but should rather exercise constructive criticism, Benjamin Finger from DGJ reports on their website.

Debaters from all VDCH clubs are welcome. Crash is available and no registration is due. For registration, please contact Jonathan Scholbach via jonathan.scholbach[at]

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