Professors let lower down the train station – Third Ilmenau campus debate

Datum: Nov 7th, 2010
Category: News of debating clubs

The professors claimed the victory of the show debate organized by the Wortkombinat Ilmenau on Tuesday, 2nd November. The audience decided upon the winners and the losers. About 60 guests enjoyed the debate in Wartburg style and gave their vote through thunderous applause. Also the motion “Should the Ilmenau train station be lowered under the ground?“ was decided upon by the audience.

The teacher fraction was consisting of the professors Karlheinz Brandenburg, director of the faculty of Elektronische Medientechnik and director of  Fraunhofer Institute of Digitale Medientechnologie, Wolfgang Schweiger, director of Public Relations & Technikkommunikation and Jeffrey Wimmer, assistant professor of the faculty of Virtuelle Welten / Digitale Spiele. They argued cheerfully and energetically on the pro side for the potential of such a bold plan for the whole city of Ilmenau, Germany and Europe. The “Wortkombinierer” Maria Wichert, Dominik Jung and Martin Zielinski countered with their differentiated analysis about the small town of Ilmenau and the nature of the Thuringian forest.

Sylvia Krichbaum and Joel Stoy moderated the evening and supported the chair Felix Grimm with the observation of the rules. After the debate, the guests could learn more about debating and philosophize a bit with the speakers during the reception with sparkling wine. The whole event could be followed through a live stream and will be available on demand on the Internet soon.

Martin Zielinski / vro / glx

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