Baden-Württemberg is looking for her debating champion

Datum: Nov 18th, 2010
Category: Turniere

For the Baden-Württembergian Championship (BaWü), teams from Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Tübingen and Stuttgart flock to Heidelberg. But since BaWü is an open competition, teams from Bayreuth, Frankfurt/Main, Göttingen, Jena, Mainz, München and St. Gallen followed the invitation of Debating Club Heidelberg (DCH) – 21 teams are going to be fighting for the championship. The format will be Offene Parlamentarische Debatte, a set of debating rules widely spread in Germany, espacially in the South.

Sunday might see two winning teams: Only teams from the federal state of Baden-Württemberg are eligible for the title BaWü champion, but any team may win the tournament. The debating society that wins the title is obliged to stage next year’s BaWü.

To read more on this and how the BaWü 2010 is part of the festivities around the 625-years anniversary of Heidelberg’S university, please check out the German version of this article.

Daniel Sommer and Gudrun Lux / apf

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