Merry christmas!

Datum: Dec 24th, 2010
Category: DDG, VDCH

Dear readers of Achte Minute, dear friends,

we wish you merry holidays and a happy new year! On top of that, we would like to thank you for being such devoted readers. We hope that after the holidays we will be your up-to-date and reliable reporters that you are used to when it comes to debate related issues on the German speaking debating circuit and beyond.

Achte Minute is a honorary project which is supported by the commitment of many. We thank you all for your commitment that makes Achte Minute what it is. We are always happy about recent information and suggestions, old and new authors and feedback on our magazine. Please do not hesitate to contact us through achteminute[at]

Merry Christmas!

Tim Richter
on behalf of the editorial team

Jan Lüken and Gudrun Lux
on behalf of the editors, VDCH and DDG

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