Special event “welfare scrounger” in Dresden

Datum: Feb 10th, 2011
Category: News of debating clubs, Termine

Actually there are no debates scheduled in Dresden because the Technical University Dresden (TU Dresden) is having its semester break. But Dresden Debating Union (DDU) is always on the ball and organized a special event due to current happenings. On 15 February there will be a debate about the topic “welfare scrounger” with an additional discussion afterwards, which is especially addressed to students. The reason for this event is the statement of Henry Hasenpflug, state secretary of the Saxon State Ministry of Science and Art, who said that long-term students are “welfare scrounger”.

Caz, the student newspaper of Dresden, already published a pro and contra about the problem. DDU now wants to make its own contribution to the discussion with its special event. The debate begins on 15 December at 6.30 pm, venue is room 301 in the lecture hall center of TU Dresden. Interested people, who would also like to discuss a bit, are very welcome. The participation is for free.


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