Successful experiment: That was the friendship debate in Maastricht

Datum: Apr 7th, 2011
Category: News of debating clubs, Themen

On 24 March Debattierclub Aachen had the pleasure to send a small group of debaters to Maastricht. Beforehand the debating society of the University College Maastricht (UCM) invited us to come to the Netherlands. The three teams arrived by early evening and challenged their selves in two debates with our geographical neighbors. The rules were like in a debate in British Parliamentary Style (BPS) with a few modifications: there were only ten minutes for preparation, five minute speeches and there were no questions to the closing speakers allowed.

The motions of the two debates were:

  1. THW allow parents to choose the sex of their child with genetic technology
  2. THBT an international coalition should intervene in Lybia

The winners of the last debate, who came from Maastricht and won from the position of Opening Government, received some quotations as an honor – the adjudicators obviously had enough decent ones in their minds. Impressing. The evening ended in a visit at a bar that was situated near the university with some beers. About midnight all debaters were back in Aachen.

All the involved really enjoyed the evening. The next friendship debate will take place in about two months in Aachen. The DC Aachen is looking forward to numerous spectators and say thank you for a great event!

Thomas Netz / vro / tr

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