Berlin gewinnt Potsdam PULS Punk

Datum: Jun 8th, 2011
Category: Turniere

Berlin beats Berlin in the Potsdam PULS Punk final on the motion “Should all jobs be payed equally?”. The opposition side with Annette Kirste, Emre Yildiz and Franz Müller (Berlin Debating Union) won the palm against the government speakers Kai Dittmann, Arne Windeler and Philipp Cragg (also BDU).

The so-called free speakers in the final were Arash Alawi (BDU), Nikolai Badenkoop (Streitkultur Berlin) and Kai Nosbüsch (Debattierclub Stuttgart).

Tournament style was the German open parliamentary debate (OPD). The CAs Nils Haneklaus (Debattierclub Stuttgart), Rafael Heinisch (S.A.E.C.L.O. Greifswald) and Christoph Krakowiak (Streitkultur Berlin) had th efollowing motion for the prelims up their sleeves:

  • Round 1: Should the next president of the IMF be a European?
  • Round 2: Should the patent law be abolished?
  • Round 3: Should separate schools be introduced again?

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