Ten years Debattierclub München

Datum: Sep 18th, 2011
Category: News of debating clubs

A Golden Jubilee for Debattierclub München? Well, not quite. But this year, Munich’s debating society is ten years old, and that is why they invite alumnis and active members to celebrate – of course, by debating.

The jubilee tournament on October 29 and 30 offers four preliminary rounds on Saturday and a public final on Sunday at 11 a. m., besides that there will be a Saturday night social. The prelims will take place at Katholischen Hochschulgemeinde (on the premises of a catholic student group), Leopoldstraße 11, the location for the final will be Vorhölzer Forum (Arcisstraße 21).

To provide enough judges for each prelim, tournament participants are supposed to speak in three of four prelims and to judge the forth one – of course in different orders. The teams are to be remixed for each round, so there won’t be a winner team, but a single person who will win the whole tournament.

Reg fee is €10; if you belonged or still belong to Debattierclub München then register by mailing at vorstand [at] debattierclubmuenchen [dot] de.

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