Dutch Open 2012

Datum: Feb 1st, 2012
Category: Termine, Turniere

Debating at the Dutch Open: From 30 to 31 March, the Erasmus Debating Union of Leiden is host to up to 52 teams. 50 Euros per team for five prelims, 7-minutes-speeches, break to semis, a novice final, meals on Friday and Saturday, two socials and crash – plus, judges go free! Apropos judges: As usual, the n-1 rule applies. The chief adjudication team is formed by Rogier Baart (WUDC ESL finalist), Becky West (EUDC semi-finalist), Steph Bell (WUDC finalist) and Marcus Ewald (EUDC ESL quarter-finalist).

Register now via Google Spreadsheet – don’t wait longer than 1 March! More details are available from dutchdebatingopen [at] gmail [dot] com.

Quick facts:

  • Dutch Open
  • Leiden, Netherlands
  • Address: Kamerlingh Onnes Gebouw (KOG), Steenschuur 25, 2311 ES Leiden
  • English, BPS
  • Chief adjudication: Rogier Baart, Becky West, Steph Bell, Marcus Ewald
  • Register now!
  • 50 Euro per team, judges go free
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