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Datum: Mar 26th, 2012
Category: Termine, Turniere

One weekend, two tournaments: The School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) is going to host not only the Game of Thrones IV on Sunday, June 10, but also the Football Open on June 9.

Whilst the IV is all about the “Game of Thrones” fantasy saga, the Football Open offers motions on “the opium of the masses” and “the matter that’s more important than life or death”.

Why? Because “it is time to recognise that there is only one area of interest that billions of people follow passionately around the world”, as the org com puts it. CAs are Manos Moschopoulos, who also is going to CA the Game of Thrones IV, and Harish Natarajan.

Registration fee is £20 (approximately €24) per team, location is the Vernon Square Campus of the SOAS. On Friday, June 8, there will be a football match to tune into the football world. More details will follow soon on the Football Open Facebook page.

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