Cambridge IV 2012

Datum: Aug 2nd, 2012
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The Cambridge Union Society invites to this year’s Cambridge IV – one of the most prestigious competitions in the debating world – from November 16 to 17.

Fine judging and motions will be provided by chief adjudicators Viktor Finkel (world champion 2011),  Jack Watson (twice euros final panalist) and deputy chief adjudicators  Rebecca Meredith and Germany’s Isabelle Fischer (née Loewe).

Reg fee ist 85 British Pounds per team and includes five rounds of seven minute speeches, open break to quarter finals and ESL break to semi-finals, a Black tie Social (Pack your tuxedoes!) on Saturday as well as free drinks and a hog roast. Registration starts on August 24. Please check the informative tournament’s homepage to get more information.

The facts:

  • Cambridge IV, England
  • November 16 to 17, 2012
  • BPS, English
  • Reg fees: 85 British Pounds
  • Adjudication team: Viktor Finkel, Jack Watson, Rebecca Meredith, Isabelle Fischer
  • More:
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