WUDC Countdown 4: The first Arrivals

Datum: Dec 26th, 2012
Category: International
First arrivals for WUDC 2013. (Foto: Manuel Adams)

First arrivals for WUDC 2013. (Foto: Manuel Adams)

“It’s on” is the comment of the organisation committee on their blog. The comment refered to the arrival of the first participants of the WUDC 2013, the recipients of the WUDC Berlin 2013 Scholarship, who arrived during the day.

On 26 Dezember there will be a workshop for the participants at the Technical Univerity of Berlin. A visit on a traditional Christmas market is planned as well. The trainers are are some of the best adjudicators of the tournament.

The WUDC Berlin 2013 Scholarship is supported by the Open Society Foundations. The declared aim of the program is to open the competition for debaters, who would otherwise not be able to participate due to financal reasons and the promotion of debating in less developed debating communities. Thanks to the grant from the Open Society Foundations, participation for 30 teams and 50 adjudicators will be for free.

The 110 participants has been selected from 600 applications on the basis of different criteria, such as their ability to bring diversity to the WUDC Berlin 2013 or their potential for personal growth. They come from 45 different countries. Here is the complete list of allocations.

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