WUDC 2013: Day 1 – Twitter Review

Datum: Dec 29th, 2012
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This morning, WUDC starting with round 1 – a tiny wee little bit late due to missing teams, but with goose bumbs on our arms when the first motion was announced (which read “Round 1: This house would create public housing for the poor in wealthy areas.” – see our Facebook page for all three motions of today.) On twitter, you could also feel the emotions:

Due to a delay of more than an hour, some debaters poured out their emotions on twitter, while other defended the tab team for doing a great job in a 100 rooms tournament. We then had a look into the tab room, where all CAs and DCAs were busy, trying to get rid of even the last adjudication conflict. But hey, the delay also let people look at Germany from a different point of view – may be the starting point for better intercultural understanding?

To keep debaters happy, from round 3 on debaters were waiting for the draw in the announcement auditoriums with a twitter wall in the front. There, spectators who are waiting for the live stream (check it out – two rooms each round) from all over the world can send greetings and messages to participants. This led one debater to write:

Hey the Berlin wall has already been turned down! Others used the opportunity to transfer some messages to all those without internet connection at Worlds:

Tweets are reaching us even through time and space – with greetings from the former USSR!

The live stream we already mentioned seems to have distracted people from their work all over the world. They were eagerly waiting for the announcements from Florian Prischl, head of streaming (follow him here).

Concerning clichés, we also like this tweet – hey, we are not only punctual, but also very hygienic – so no worries on this front.

By closing this first Twitter review on WUDC Berlin 2013, we love to turn our appreciated readers’ attention to the WUDC volunteers: Running, smiling and all the time doing their best to make participants comfortable. Whenever in doubt about German hospitality, please remember those merrily working-their-asses-off guys. They even seem to have an aura of magic, or so they say on Twitter:

We think: Guys, you’re doing an amaaaaaaazing job!

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