Erasmus Rotterdam wins Tilburg Women’s Open

Datum: Mar 28th, 2017
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EDS A - Winner of the Tilburg Women's Open - © Private

EDS A – Winner of the Tilburg Women’s Open – © Private

The Tilburg Women’s Open 2017 was won by EDS A (Emma van der Horst, Migle Povilenaite; Rotterdam) in Opening Government on the motion “TH supports the Rise of Left-Wing Populism in Europe”. They won over Groningen A (Linsey Keur, Lise van der Meer) in Opening Opposition, Underpreped & Overdressed (Lydia Vlagsma, Ike Lieshout; Nijmegen) in Closing Government and Bonaparte A (Marike Breed, Harriet Bergman) in Closing Government.

The final was judged by Dee Ní Churnáin as chair together with Romée Lind, Annabelle van Beusekom, Olivia Sundberg Diez and Gigi Gil.

Marike Breed was announced as best speaker of the tournament with an average of 77.3 points. Lucia Beloqui Larumbe from Delft University was best novice speaker.

Tilburg Women’s Open was the first Women’s tournament in the Netherlands. The CAs were Dee Ní Churnáin, Olivia Sundberg Diez and Gigi Gil. Annabelle van Beusekom was equity officer.

The tournament was organized by Cicero, the debating society of Tilburg with Laura Verloop and Naomi Coldenhof as the conveners.

The Break

  1. Groningen A(Linsey Keur & Lise van der Meer) – 14 team points
  2. Bonaparte A (Marike Breed & Harriet Bergman) – 12 team points
  3. EDS A (Emma van der Horst & Migle Povilenaite) – 12 team points
  4. Underprepped & Overdressed (Lydia Vlagsma & Ike Lieshout)- 11 team points


The Motions: 

R1: TH regrets the personal criticism of Trumps wife and family members in the mainstream media.

R2: Info Slide: A Hamsterdam is an area in a city where the purchase, sale and consumption of drugs is decriminalized.

THW create Hamsterdams in areas with high drug-related crimes (e.g. Chicago, Los Angeles).

R3: Info-Slide: Non-romantic co-parenting is the decision to live and raise a child together with a stranger (often selected through matching web sides) as opposed to traditional families, which typically involve a romantic interest.

TH prefers a world where people choose non-romantic co-parenting over romantic co-parenting.

R4: THBT any aquestition of wealth above a comfortable standard of living is immoral.

R5: Info-Slide: Tiger Schooling is the encouragement and pressure on students to reach their highest possible academic potential and take on the most challenging degrees within their capacity

TH supports tiger schooling.

R6: THW never negotiate with terrorists.

Final: TH supports the Rise of Left-Wing Populism in Europe.


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