Cambridge/Belgrade wins Zagreb Open

Datum: Apr 2nd, 2019
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F.l.t.r.: The winners Tudor Musat and Miloš Marjanović together with CA panel members Tin Puljić and Roel Becker – © Zagreb Student Debate Forum

The team Dobra Zagrebancija (Tudor Musat, Miloš Marjanović; Cambridge/Belgrade) has won the Zagreb Open 2019. Out of Opening Government, they defeated Young, scappy and always hungry (Miri Muntean, Katrin Fallmann; Vienna) in Opening Opposition, Žižek (Matija Pušnik, Rok Hafner; Ljubljana) in Closing Government and Klatwa Czekana (Klaudia Maciejewska, Krzysztof Jaroń; Warsaw/Wroclaw) in Closing Opposition on the motion “This house believes that Marx would (have) approve(d) the internet“.

The final was judged by a panel of Lovro Šprem (chair), Tin Puljić, Roel Becker, Teodora Rešetar and Franjo Jurkin.

Best speakers of the tournament were also Tudor Musat and Miloš Marjanović with both averaging 82.2 speaker points.

The Break:
1. Dobra Zagrebancija (Tudor Musat, Miloš Marjanović) – 15 pts | 822 spks
2. Poslijednji Srbi u Hrvatskoj (Marta Vasic, Đorđe Radosavljević) – 11 pts | 791 spks
3. Young, scappy and always hungry (Miri Muntean, Katrin Fallmann) – 11 pts | 790 spks
4. Žižek (Matija Pušnik, Rok Hafner) – 10 pts | 780 spks
5. Faizan 7mins ago & Faizan 7mins later (Faizan Raja, Swing Two) – 10 pts | 775 spks
6. Washed-Up (Marija Jarnjak, Igor Fras) – 10 pts | 761 spks
7. Klatwa Czekana (Klaudia Maciejewska, Krzysztof Jaroń) – 10 pts | 759 spks
8. Zagreb C, hopefully (Petar Zec, Olja Bošnjak) – 9 pts | 767 spks

Adjudication Break:
Roel Becker, Monica Forman, Franjo Jurkin, Maciej Lulewitcz, Ela Jurko, Tin Puljić, Teodora Rešetar and Lovro Šprem.

The tournament featured 32 teams and was organised by the Zagreb Student Debate Forum with Ela Jurko and Luka Baković acting as head conveners. Responsible for the debating part were the chief adjudicators Tin Puljić, Monica Forman and Roel Becker with Luka Baković also being responsible for the tab.

The Motions:

R1: THW abolish academic tenure*

*Status given to an employee indicating that the position or emplyoment is permanent.

R2: THW create an ex-Yugoslav regional football league

R3: THBT France should introduce significant financial incentives for companies and individuals who are currently based in Paris to relocate to other French cities

R4: THW forbid Western tech companies from accepting Chinese terms and preconditions in order to access the Chinese market (eg. Google accepting censorship, Apple moving its servers to China, etc.)

R5: THW allow individuals to sell themselves into slavery

SF: Infoslide: Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad has been heavily pressuring the Kurds in Syria to hand over the territory they control, and has presented them with two possibilities: Reconciliation with the regime and the promise of autonomous rights, or the use of force against them.

THW accept Bashar al-Assad’s offer

F: TH believes that Marx would (have) approve(d) the internet


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