Zagreb wins Central European Cyberspace Open

Datum: Apr 29th, 2020
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The Central European Cyberspace Open 2020 has been won by We’re used to no audience debates (Tin Puljić, Lovro Šprem; Zagreb) in Closing Opposition, speaking against UDS Trivium GDS LDU Chronos Coalition (Joris Graff, Daan Spackler; Utrecht/Nijmegen) in Opening Government, Bristol A (Ron Leizrowice, Timothy Lo); in Opening Opposition, and This house would stay in this house (Hadar Goldberg, Ido Kotler; Tel Aviv) in Closing Government on the motion “THBT all countries should implement legislation similar to the US Defense Production Act to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.” The adjudication was chaired by Emily Frizell. Judging with her were Joona Suhonen, Miriam Kalman, Rok Hafner, and Klaudia Maciejewska.

The EFL final was won by Bosnian Chicken Farmers (Petar Zec, Olja Bošnjak; Zagreb) in Closing Opposition, speaking against NU Z (Samat Sayakov, Nurlan Muratbek; Astana/Almaty) in Opening Government, Astana A (Alikhan Kazenov, Shyngys Aidynov) in Opening Opposition, and Krasotki (Sofia Yablonskaia, Volha Pankova; Minsk) in Closing Government on the motion “This House Believes That leaders of police forces should be elected by the communities they serve.”

The adjudication panel was chaired by Rok Hafner. Judging with them was Lena Kolle, Markus Myllymäki, Tamar Ben Mier, and Maciej Lulewicz.

Best speaker of the tournament was Tudor Musat with an average of 82 speaker points. Best EFL speaker of the tournament was Petar Zec with an average of 77.8 speaker points.

Open Break:
1. Giving Desperate Hilarity the Quality of a Memory (Tudor Musat, Srishti Krishnamoorthy-Cavell), 12 points, 819 spks
2. We’re used to no audience debates (Tin Puljić, Lovro Šprem), 12 pts, 809 spks
3. Bristol A (Ron Leizrowice, Timothy Lo), , 12 pts, 801 spks
4. This house would stay in this house (Hadar Goldberg, Ido Kotler), 12 pts, 785 spks
5. At least we didn’t have to bribe Milos to be in the same room (Katharina Jansen, Miri Muntean), 11 pts, 811 spks
6. Edinburgh A (Sara Brdnik, Jamie Beverstock), 11 pts, 789 spks
7. Anti-Virus (Asif Mehedi Adi, Jubayer Ibn Hamid), 11 pts, 786 spks
8. UDS Trivium GDS LDU Chronos Coalition (Joris Graff, Daan Spackler), 11 pts, 785 spks
9. Bavarian Contrarians (Phillip Mueller, Uzair Tajuddin), 11 pts, 781 spks
10. Vulnerable Dinos in Lockdown (Jack Stanley, Lucy Murphy), 10 pts, 807 spks
11. BDU A (Braedon Lehman, Marc-Andre Schulz), 10 pts, 789 spks
12. KDA Nicole & Franka (Nicole O’Sullivan, Franka Boender), 10 pts, 782 spks
13. NU A (Mukhtar Tashkenbayev, Alisher Juzgenbayev), 10 pts, 777 spks
14. John and Cees (John Chang, Cees Armstrong), 10 pts, 763 spks
15. IBA-DU (Sajid Asbat Khandaker, Wasif Amin Khan), 9 pts, 790 spks
16. Disappointing David Register (Matt Caito, Gwen Stearns), 9 pts, 788 spks

EFL Break:
1. Bosnian Chicken Farmers (Petar Zec, Olja Bošnjak), 8 pts, 777 spks
2. Krasotki (Sofia Yablonskaia, Volha Pankova), 8 pts, 745 spks
3. Astana A (Alikhan Kazenov, Shyngys Aidynov), 7 pts, 760 spks
4. NU Z (Samat Sayakov, Nurlan Muratbek), 7 pts, 754 spks

Adjudication Break:
Klaudia  Maciejewska, Miriam Kalman, Marta Vasic, Shudipto Ahmed, Yishai Binnes, Markus Myllymäki, Sharmila Parmand, Gigi Gil, Benji Kalman, Joona Suhonen, Reed, Rok Hafner, Roy Schulman, Dani Georgiev, Tamar Ben Meir, Maciej Lulewicz, Lena Kolle, Emily Frizell, Olivia Mackender, Luka Petrovic

Open Speakers Top-10:
1. Tudor Musat, avg 82
2. Srishti Krishnamoorthy-Cavell, avg 81.8
3. Katharina Jansen, avg 81.6
4. Tin Puljić, avg 81.4
Lucy Murphy, avg 81
6. Miri Muntean, avg 80.6
7. Lovro Šprem, avg 80.4
7. Jack Stanley, avg 80.4
7. Ron Leizrowice, avg 80.4
10. Timothy Lo, avg 79.8

EFL Speakers Top-10:
1. Petar Zec, Bosnian Chicken Farmers, avg 77.8
2. Olja Bošnjak, Bosnian Chicken Farmers, 77.6
3. Erik Haamer, Harjumaa A, avg 76.8
4. Shyngys Aidynov, Astana A, avg 76
4. Alikhan Kazenov, Astana A, avg 76
6. Napoleon Freitas PaajanenEigenpeople, avg 75.8
7. Samat Sayakov, NU Z, avg 75.6
8. Nurlan Muratbek, NU Z, avg 75.2
9. Volha Pankova, Krasotki, avg 75
10. Jakub Szymsza, Lamma, avg 74.8

The tournament, hosted through Mixidea, was organised by Marika Khuchua (Munich), Maciej Lulewicz (Cracow), Nina Lampela (Aalto) and Anička Čámská (Prague). The CA panel consisted of Luka Petrovic, Sharmila Parmanand, Benji Kalman and Gigi Gil. Marthe Wijfjes ran tab.


R1: This House Opposes educational approaches centered on making children believe they are special

R2: This House Believes That the West should discourage and disincentivize economic collaboration and exchange with China

R3: This House Would break up Amazon

R4: This House Believes That feminists should advocate for the destruction of the traditional family unit

R5: This House Believes That scientific literature should be free

QF: Infoslide: Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive

This House Opposes cancel culture

SF: This House Believes That states formerly under the rule of the Soviet Union should NOT emphasize their history of struggle against Russian imperialism in constructing their national identity

EFL F: This House Believes That leaders of police forces should be elected by thelocal communities they serve

F: Info Slide: The Defense production Act authorises the President of the US to: invoke wage and price controls, requisiton property, require corporations to accepts and prioritize contracts for service and materials deemed necessary to aid national defense and to force industry to expand production and the supply of necessary resources.

This House Believes That all countries should implement legislation similar to the US Defense Production Act to combat the Covid-19 pandemic

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