Team “Trade Chonks Not Stonks” wins IIT Bombay Debate

Datum: Oct 3rd, 2020
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The IIT Bombay Debate 2020 was won by Trade Chonks Not Stonks (Enting Lee, Cveta Gotovats) speaking in Closing Opposition on the motion “THW abolish the law against scandalizing the court in India.” They spoke against Taylors A (Ploopy, Har Naveenjeet Singh) in Opening Government; 2 bomb bombabes in Bombay (redacted, Josh Kemp) in Opening Opposition; and Is that Jess birthday party for debate addicts? (Hadar Goldberg, Klaudia Maciejewska) in Closing Government. The Final was chaired by Nicolas Lozano. Judging with them were Sera Yun, Sachit Ram, Jordyn Gibson, Karthik Bansal, Uphie Abdurrahman.

The top Speaker was Amrit Agastia, Taylors University, with an average of 82 speaker points.

The Break:
Pre ABP for you, Free ABP for us (Parshva Shah, Ananga Rana), 14 points
Is that Jess birthday party for debate addicts? (Hader Goldberg, Klaudia Maciejewska), 13 points
Taylors A (Ploopy, Har Naveenjeet Singh), 12 points
DBC 1 (Hemant Sangwan, Mozaien Tak)
Trade Chonks Not Stonks (Enting Lee, Cveta Gotovats), 11 points
Taylors University (Kimberley Justine Tegjeu, Amrit Agastia)
Peach & Bowser shippers (Oliver Cummins, Jessica Musulin)
University of the Philippines Diliman (Clarice Tee, Alia Yao)
NUS in Sofa (Shaun Lee, Teo Enqi)
Chinese Merchants of Death (Ricky Huang, Zicheng Huang)
Beat case twice (Rohan Kapoor, Tejas Subramanian)
2 bomb bombabes in Bombay (Josh Kemp, redacted), 10 points
MSRIT X (Daniel Monteiro, Atul RH)
UCLA (Filipp Krasovsky, Akhil Rastogi)
NLS X (Ankit Kapoor, Aarohi Chaudhuri)
Bambai Main Ka Ba (Shakya Chandra, Shvabh Chakarwarti)

Speaker Awards:
1. Amrit Agastia, Taylors University, 410 total spks; 82 avg spks
2. Enting Lee, Trade Chonks Not Stonks, 409 total spks, 81.8 avg spks
3. Oliver Cummins, Peach & Bowser shippers, 404 total spks; 80.8 avg spks
3. Hadar Goldberg, Is that Jess birthday party for debate addicts, 404 total spks, 80.8 avg spks
5. Cveta Gotovats, Trade Chonks Not Stonks, 403 total spks; 80.6 avg spks
5. Ploopy, Talors A, 403 total spks, 80.6 avg spks
7. Jessica Musulin, Peach & Bower shippers, 402 total spks, 80.4 avg spks
8. Clarice Tee, University of the Philippines Diliman, 401 total spks, 80.2 avg spks
8. Har Naveenjeet Singh, Taylors A, 401 total spks, 80.2 avg spks
10. Teo Enqi, NUS in Sofa, 399 total spks, 79.8 avg spks
10. Filipp Krasovsky, UCLA 1, 399 total spks, 79.8 avg spks
10. Kimberley Justine Tegjeu, Taylors University, 399 total spks, 79.8 avg spks
10. Tejas Sumbramanian, 399 total spks, 79.8 avg spks

The adjudicator break:
Adel Mostaque Ahmed, Aditya Narth, Arya Bhandankar, Assaph Hanany, Boemo Phirinyane, Connor O’Brien, Hemanth Bhartha Charkravarthy, Inna Fermin, Ishaan Kapoor, Jason Xiao, Joel Law, Jordyn Gibson, Karthik Bansal, Namita Pandey, Nicolas Lozano, Noam Dahan, Pranav A, Pranav Kagalkar, Pushkar Mohile, Sachit Ram, Sara Rahim, Sarah Tay, Sera Yun, Tasia Khairunnisa Azzahra, Thomas Liu, Uphie Abdurrahman, Vatsal Khetan.

Held on the of September 19th & 20th, 2020, the IIT Bombay Open included 88 teams and broke to Open Quarterfinals. On the Adjudication Panel were Jason Xiao, Noam Dahan, Connor O’Brien, Inna Fermin, Karthik Bansal, Sara Rahim.


R1: THW abolish youth wings of political parties
R2: THBT minority groups should advocate for the widespread use of their cultural practices in society as opposed to defending it from cultural appropriation
R3: Infoslide: On September 15th Israel has signed normalization agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, brokered by the United States of America. These normalization agreements include, but are not limited to, the establishment of reciprocal embassies and increased economic cooperation in areas of mutual benefit
Motion: THW the Israel-Bahrain-UAD normalization agreements
R4: THBT Autonomous machine (vehicles, robots, etc.) companies should develop AI which prioritizes the life and well-being of the owner of the machine and those close to them over that of other humans
R5: In areas with rapidly rising property prices, This House would suspend all restrictions on property development that are not health and safety requirements (for example, environmental zoning regulations, building height restrictions, and regulations on the appearance of buildings)
QF: Infoslide: ISDS, or investor-state dispute settlement, is a mechanism that enables foreign investors to resolve disputes with the government of the country where their investment was made (host state) in a neutral forum through binding international arbitration.
Motion: THS the inclusion of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanisms in free trade agreements.
SF: THW require by law for Google and Facebook to pay traditional news media to publish their material
Final: Infoslide:

In India, one of the clauses for criminal contempt of court is when anything is published, or done, which scandalizes or lowers the authority of any court

Motion: THW abolish the law against scandalizing the court in India

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