Munich Research Open

Munich Research Open

Date: 08. Mar 19 - 10. Mar 19

Place: Munich, München

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Host: Debattierclub München
Conveners: Yimin Ge

Format: British Parliamentary Style (BPS)
Rounds: 5 rounds, break to semi-final and novice final
Team cap: TBA
Chief adjudicators: Milla Huuskonen, Matt Hankin, Aisling Tully
Adjudicator rule:
Special features: While you can expect all the usual perks of a great tournament in addition to the amenities Munich has to offer, the tournament is sponsored by a team of researchers from the department of economics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. The researchers are interested in the relationship between debaters' perception of world affairs and current events on the one hand, and the open exchange of ideas inherent in debating on the other. Participants will be asked to fill in a series of surveys throughout the tournament. For each preliminary round, you will be asked 2-3 questions between prep and debate (i.e., while speaking orders, etc. are taken), as well as 2-3 questions during the judge deliberation. There will also be a slightly longer questionnaire at the start of the tournament. You will mostly be asked for quantitative answers to factual questions (e.g. a percentage or yes/no) that should each take only a very short time, not for essays or long written answers. Your answers to the surveys will obviously not affect your results at the tournament. However, as an additional incentive, you accumulate rewards for correct answers to the factual questions (on average people will make about 25€ over the tournament). Your answers to the surveys will of course be anonymised and treated extremely carefully by the researchers.

Reg fee: 15€
Accomodation: Hostel
Registration: closed

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