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Training Weekend in Paris took place

Training Weekend in Paris took place[caption id="attachment_33492" align="alignright" width="461"] Happy debaters after a fabulous training weekend in Paris (c) Olivia Sundberg Diez[/caption] Last weekend, on the 3rd and 4th of February 2018, the Debate Training Weekend in Paris took place. It was organised by the Scottish EUDC Training Team, namely Chief Adjudicator of the upcoming Scottish EUDC 2018 Olivia Sundberg Diez in cooperation with the United Debaters of Paris. Over the whole weekend 7 workshops and 3 training debates were enjoyed by 50 participants from Spain, the Netherlands, Belarus, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, the UK and from across France. Alex Harris, Daan Welling, Eleanor Angwin and Martin ...
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Zagreb EUDC 2014 – Open and ESL break

Zagreb EUDC 2014 - Open and ESL breakThe break of the European Universities Debating Championship 2014 in Zagreb has been announced. The following teams will compete in the out-rounds on the 22nd of August (data might be inaccurate): Open Break 23: Cambridge C 22: Oxford B 21: Cambridge B 21: Oxford A 21: GUU A 20: Cambridge A 20: Oxford C 19: Edinburgh A 19: LSE A 19: Sheffield A 19: Durham B 19: KCL A 19: Hebrew A 19: Nottingham A 19: Durham C 18: BPP A ESL Break 19: Hebrew A 18; Belgrade B 18: Lund A 18: Tartu A 18: Berlin A 17: Tel Aviv B 17: Leiden A 17: Bucharest A 17: BBU A 17: Tilbury House A 17: Mannheim A 17: ELTE A 17 BGU A 16: Belgrade A 16: Tel Aviv A 16: tie of ...
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