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Leiden(Alumni)/Tel Aviv wins the 2017 Budapest Open

Leiden(Alumni)/Tel Aviv wins the 2017 Budapest Open[caption id="attachment_31439" align="alignright" width="400"] Monica Forman and Daan Welling - © Balázs Dezsényi[/caption] The team Orban Outfitters (Daan Welling & Monica Forman) won the final of the 96-team Budapest Open 2017. They were Opening Opposition on the motion "THBT it is the Moral Imperative of Liberals within Eastern Europe to stay within their Home Country, rather than Emigrate to More Progressive Countries.” Orban Outfitters beat out We know team names. We have the best team names (Olle Reberg, Jamie Batchelor) in Opening Government who replaced the advancing Melda + Jonah (Melda Eren, Johan Båge) who left due to scheduling conflicts. They also ranked above Tel Aviv Ya Habibi ...
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EUDC 2016: The results

EUDC 2016: The results[caption id="attachment_29710" align="alignright" width="344"] View over Warsaw - © Lennart Lokstein[/caption] The European Universities Debating Championship is over. Winner of the ESL-final is Tel Aviv A (Dan Lahav, Ayal Hayut-man) from Closing Government, thus becoming ESL-Champions, whereas the teams Tel Aviv C (Tom Manor, Noam Dahan) from Opening Government, Leiden D (Lisa Schallenberg, Simon Martina-Perez) from Opening Opposition and Leiden A (Floris Holstege, Emma Lucas) from Closing Opposition become vice ESL-Champions. The final's motion was "This house believes that western states should support breakaway regions in former Sovjet states (e.g. East Ukraine l South Ossetia) joining the Russian federation conditional on holding free and ...
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Lund’s Emilia Carlqvist and Peer Klüßendorf win the Berlin IV

Lund’s Emilia Carlqvist and Peer Klüßendorf win the Berlin IVThe Berlin IV – European Debates Conference 2014 has its winners: Emilia Carlqvist and Peer Klüßendorf from Lund Debate Society won the final in a three-to-two split decision. Peer and Emilia debated in Opening Government as the team "Dixendorf". The motion of the final read: "This House believes that the EU should force member states to adopt socially progressive legislation (e. g. same-sex marriage, abortion rights, ethnic and religious minority rights)." [caption id="attachment_22737" align="alignright" width="400"] Participants during the public debate on Friday (c) Matthias Carcasona[/caption] "REC Truth Department", another team from Sweden consisting of Olivia Sundberg and Martin Devenney, spoke in Closing ...
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Birmingham IV 2013

Birmingham IV 2013 The University of Birmingham Debating Society is delighted to invite you all to the Birmingham IV 2013! It will take place from December 20th untill 22th. Both convenors (Jamie Batchelor and David Irvine) have just finished an Erasmus year in Berlin. Jamies says: " Having seen what you guys can do we are aiming to extend participation in the Birmingham IV to institutions throughout continental Europe. We have a fantastic CA team lined up, and we’ll be running 5 rounds of 7 minute speeches, breaking to Open semi-finals as well as an ESL final. The weekend before Christmas, it promises ...
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