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Oxford & KCL win Centrale Open 2016

Oxford & KCL win Centrale Open 2016The team Bailey orders asian Teck-a-Wei (Teck Wei Tan & Bailey Reid, Oxford/KC London) won the final of Centrale Open 2016 from Opening Opposition. They won over Tilbury House Minions (Agnes Putri & Leonard Münstermann, Cologne) in Opening Government, There is but one God and He is not called Jesus (Dan Lahav & Muhammad Asadullah Khan, Tel Aviv/Cambridge) in Closing Government and Cardiff A (Raphael Hill & Calan Eskandar) in Closing Opposition on the motion "THBT the Democratic Party should take on a much more centre-leftist position and support a mass redistribution of wealth agenda". The final was judged by Harish Natarajan in chair, together with Sharmila Parmanand, Nika ...
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Centrale Open 2016

Titelbild Centrale OpenFrom Friday, December 9th, til Sunday, December 11th, the Centrale Open 2016 takes place in Paris. Since this is an international tournament, debates will be held in British Parliament Style and in English. Following five preliminary rounds, there'll be semi finals and a final, as well as an ESL final. Sella Nevo, Harish Natarajan und Sharmila Parmanand are the Chief Adjudicators; any questions can be directed to All known informations: Date: December 9th - December 11th, 2016 Accomodation: Crash on campus Regisration: Online formular Registration fee: 55 € per speaker Adjudicator rule: n-1 Format: BPS Rounds: 5 preliminary rounds, semi finals ...
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