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Team “Social Contract” wins Effective Altruism Debating Championship

Team "Social Contract" wins Effective Altruism Debating ChampionshipThe grand final of the Effective Altruism Debating Championship 2020 was won by We Were There When the Social Contract was Signed (Teck Wei Tan, Srishti Krishnamoorthy-Cavell) in Opening Government. Speaking against them were We are utility monsters, give us the 1 (Karthik Tadepalli, Tejas Subramanian) in Opening Opposition, WSDC Canada Rejects (Trenton Sewell, Tyson Dennis-Sharma) in Closing Government, Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional (Franka Boender, Ayal Mor) in Closing Opposition. The motion read "THBT, after meeting their basic needs, individuals have a moral responsibility to donate their wealth towards poverty alleviation". The adjudication panel was chaired by Hadar Goldberg and also ...
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The Jerusalem Open 2015

The Jerusalem Open 2015"Was your institution invited to debate at WUDC Malaysia but not able to attend because you're an Israeli institution? Were you ranked 7th on your institution's list, just missing the cut? Is a €380 registration fee to high for your club to cover?" For debaters who have to answer one of these questions with "yes" but don't want to stay home, the Jerusalem Open might be the solution. [caption id="attachment_25110" align="alignright" width="400"] Debaters who are not able to participate at this year's WUDC can visit Jerusalem instead.[/caption] The idea of hosting a tournament simultaniously to the World Universities Debating Championship (WUDC) in ...
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Cambridge IV 2013

Cambridge IV 2013This year's Cambridge Inter-Varsity will be held on November 15th-16th 2013. The organizers state: „The Cambridge IV is one of the largest and most prestigious debating events on the calendar. Hosted and run by the Cambridge Union Society, the IV attracts some of the best teams from universities all over the world. Over three hundred students will be attending and we hope you'll be one of them.“ The Cambridge Union dates from 1815, and has a long history of hosting Presidents, Prime Ministers, Statesmen, Celebrities and Sports Stars. The Unions weekly debates serve to engage and to challenge presumptions and prejudices. ...
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Abolish Points of Information? Doug Cochran’s thoughts on how to improve POIs.

Abolish Points of Information? Doug Cochran’s thoughts on how to improve POIs.At the World Debate Forum in Berlin 2013, debaters from across the world talked about using debating in tournaments, trainings and youth projects. In the opening speech, Doug Cochran presented “Ten suggestions for a better Worlds”. Among these points, he suggested to abloish or reform Points of Information during BP debates. As these thoughts might interest you aswell, Achte Minute asked Doug to write down his thoughts. Doug Cohran: Two Potential Reforms to Points of Information At the World Debating Forum, there was a discussion about potential reforms to WUDC debating. I put forward a number of suggestions, including abolition of points ...
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